June 7, 2018

The refrain, “I’m scared of mathematics”, has been heard by almost every math teacher / professor in the world. The Mathematics Department at K. R. Mangalam University (KRMU), Gurugram, is very familiar with this common issue of the students as well. Here, at KRMU, the Mathematics department teaches at least one course to almost every student in our 10 schools, ranging from students of the School of Medical and Allied Sciences (SMAS) and the School of Management and Commerce (SOMC) up to and including students of our own school, the School of Basic and Applied Sciences (SBAS).

The knowledgeable and experienced faculty of the Mathematics Department has devised techniques and strategies to teach our valuable students and help them overcome their fear. The basic concepts are taught in a simplified manner and complexities are introduced one at a time until the students have assimilated the entire concept completely. We at KRMU take special care to provide the students with mathematical examples using models from their own specialized disciplines. Students of pharmaceutical studies are taught using examples of drug diffusion rates within the bloodstream of patients, using real data obtained from the faculty conducting research at the Pharmacy Department. The professors of Management Studies at the university, who use a multitude of case studies to teach their courses to the students, coordinate closely with the Mathematics Department so that we can use the same studies to illustrate mathematical concepts and draw real life conclusions that the students not only understand, but also utilize in their own projects and papers. As for the students who study in our own school, SBAS, mathematics has been an integral part of their curriculum and we constantly encourage them to look beyond the boundaries of their own coursework to investigate topics and concepts that excite their curiosity which would add to their knowledge and employability.

When a student lets us know that they are no longer afraid of the subject that we know and love so well, it brings to us a joy of accomplishment that drives us to achieve this goal with all of our students and provides us motivation aplenty. Our success rate in changing student’s attitudes toward the field of mathematics is unparalleled but still improvable. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our teaching and add to our knowledge so that we may continue to help the students learn and grow.

We at the Mathematics Department of KRMU are looking forward with eagerness to greet the new batch of students that will enroll at our university and meet the challenges, take advantage of the opportunities, and incorporate into our methodology the changes that future innovations will bring.

Dr. Vidur Malik
Associate Professor
School of Basic and Applied Sciences
K. R. Mangalam University

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