June 11, 2018

Since an educational institution lays the foundation for a student’s excellence in academic and personal development, it is important that they get a rewarding experience in all aspects of learning and other activities. Providing a positive learning platform and academic necessities in a safe and sound environment serves to foster holistic development in students, giving them a competitive edge to excel. This is why, it is necessary that educational institutions, particularly the ones pertaining to higher education, provide the students with the world-class infrastructure and campus environment that facilitate intellectual competence in students. In that sense, the K.R. Mangalam University, one of the Top Ranked Universities in Haryana, stands as one benchmark institution in the education world that is entirely committed to bring about all-round development of students and thereby achieve its mission of delivering holistic excellence.

We, at KRMU, have designed a state-of-the-art infrastructure with facilities, equipment, and technological tools that have all compiled to create a highly enriching learning environment that serves to boost their overall performance. Besides providing a globally acclaimed standard of education, KRMU offers a well-equipped and maintained campus life with modern facilities that bring about a profound effect on students.

K.R. Mangalam University, located in the outskirts of Gurgaon, Haryana, offers a meticulously designed campus, spread over 26 acres, under the magnificent view of the Aravali hills with emphasis on environment conservation. The campus holds all facilities and resources for generating a conducive learning environment for students. KRMU visions to develop a world-class education that delivers substantial innovation and global impact through the dissemination of knowledge.

KRMU imparts quality higher education in diverse fields of study, providing the students with exquisite experiences through knowledge, collaboration, and partnership. We offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degree programs that nurture and reward them with the essential skills and talent. KRMU strives to pursue excellence in the sphere of education by creating a niche of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We also undertake world-class research and development of high impact with the industrial interface for the benefit of the society as a whole.

Holding a strong focus on academic excellence, KRMU has equipped its campus infrastructure with facilities that enable a rounded learning experience to enhance students in all aspects of academic, professional, and personal development. The entire campus and its infrastructure facilitate global standards of learning that cater to provide the students with strong career prospects.

The Wi-Fi enabled campus at KRMU includes various learning facilities such as spacious, amphitheater-style classrooms, integrated audio-visual teaching aids, fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratories and studios, the Central Library with large resources, and well-maintained hostels, all of which provide the right atmosphere for improving students’ efficiency and productivity. All the hostel rooms are centrally air-conditioned and fully furnished with spacious, well-ventilated study area. The hostel also has a hub of leisure activities and hobbies for students to pursue in their free time. The dining facilities at the hostel are particularly taken care of in terms of offering the students with clean and hygienic atmosphere with fresh and healthy food. The entire place is enclosed with a 24-hours security system, maintained by security guards and CCTV vigil, making the environment safe and secure for students.

Besides, KRMU has a well-maintained cafeteria where nutritious food is delivered at subsidized rates. The cafeteria is acoustically designed with lawns and gardens to be spacious enough to accommodate a large number of visitors. Students are also provided with essential medical amenities through the campus medical room that offers preventive and curative treatments along with several diagnostic procedures. In case of emergency, intensive care facilities are provided through the institute’s liaison with medical professionals and specialists of the local hospitals. The campus is also spacious enough to provide parking facilities for both day-scholars and residential students.

We have a diverse set of students coming from different cultural backgrounds, thus creating a culturally diverse environment. At KRMU, we embrace cultural diversity by making students aware of the cultural differences and teaching them to respect and value the diverse cultural backgrounds.

Moreover, K.R. Mangalam University has been continuously striving to create a conducive environment that connects students with the industry.  We maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with corporates and other industry experts to create a synergy that helps students to thrive and corporates to hire talented individuals. Our training and development sessions within the campus facilitate students to get through the recruitment process by preparing them well for the competitive world. KRMU hosts placement sessions for students with a number of recruiters from various niche categories within the campus every year. Apart from placements, there are also other non-recruitment avenues for students to engage with the corporate world and improve their networking with professionals through Live Projects, Internships, Guest Lectures, Corporate Talk Series, Case-Study Competitions, and more.

Overall, K.R. Mangalam University has been dedicatedly working to produce dynamic professionals with the caliber to excel in the business world for better. We integrate our growth with the changing industry expectations and the global needs through providing cutting-edge curriculum, pedagogy, research, and job oriented professional education, and this is the key aspect that has enabled us to earn the recognition of the best university of Haryana.

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