October 17, 2020

The field of clinical psychology in India, and also across the globe, is in its invincibly growing phase. As per the World Health Organisation records, more than 90 million Indians, or among the nation’s population of 1.3 billion, about 7.5% of individuals suffer from a certain type of mental health disorder. In recent decades, the symptoms of mental health disorders have been modestly rising more rapidly among young adults. This indicates the growing need for clinical psychologists in the nation, and this makes clinical psychology a wise field to opt for your career choice. Here, in this article below, we, at K.R. Mangalam University, recognized among the leading private universities in Haryana,will be shedding light on the various career profiles that clinical psychology graduates can choose to work on and how much earning potential they have in this field.

Clinical Case Manager

Case management psychologists work to enable patient care by detecting patient needs, assessing various treatment options, coordinating care, developing treatment plans, and determining progress.The overall goal of these professionals is to enhance clinical outcomes.

Substance Abuse Counsellor

The duties of these experts are both challenging as well as rewarding.  These professionals can be considered a support system for drug and alcohol addicts and even for people with anybehavioral issues. Their job is to trainthese patients to enhance their health, removing unhealthy habits and lead to full-recovery.

Marriage /Family Counsellors

With the rising numbers of divorces and family disputes in India, the need for these professionals has increased over the years. They are well trained and learned to listen neutrally, note and assess family’s or couples’ problems, and help them cope along with the relationship.

Clinical Social Worker

Licensed clinical social workers are mainly focused on treating mental health disorders and can be categorized as a specialty of general social work practice. They mainly offer therapy and counseling for mental health and behavioral issues.

Forensic Psychologist

This is one of the most diversified roles in clinical psychology. Forensic Psychologists implement their knowledge and skills to the criminal justice system. They evaluate suspected convict’s competency for standing trials, supportvictims, or assess child custody whilst a divorce.

The aforementioned were some of the top-trending career fields in clinical psychology. There are also other choices, such as Learning Disabilities Specialist, Rehabilitation Psychologist, and School Psychologist, that you can choose from as per your best interests.

Today professionalclinical psychologists practicing in the countrycan expect about INR 40k-45k in their initial career phase. This can keep rising further based on experience, potential, and promotions. However, when it comes to the earning potential, a major factor contributing to the initial salary offers is also the educational institution you have pursued your degree from. A renowned educational institution can help you grab good offers right at the start of your career. To that end, we, at K.R.Mangalam University, can provide all the ambitious clinical psychologists with a robust academic platform to support the future professional growth.

The B.A Hons. Psychology program offered by us, at KRMU, is a dynamically designed 3-years undergraduate degree program that will open paths for successful graduates in varied and top health-related career fields.

It is vital for interested students to know that the program is loaded with industry-centric lab-based training along with scholastic psychology. The learning areas cover the most career-centric subjects. Students undergo a holistic nurturing and development of their practical insights, research skills, modern health industry values and ethics. With an excellent lab rotary culture, the KRMU Department of Psychology and Counselling Centre offers students well-equipped Psychometric & Personality testing Labs and Experimental Labs to experiment, learn, and explore potential skills. At KRMU, we also provide various placement opportunities to ourpsychology pass-outs in top clinical settings. To learn under the guidance of the best educators in the nation and master your skillset for a lucrative and promising long-term career, explore the psychology program at the KRMU official page.

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