Career and Job Opportunities After BA LLB Hons

Career and Job Opportunities After BA LLB Hons

August 13, 2022

After completing BA LLB Hons graduates had a pool of career choices. Like going for higher studies for more knowledge to honing your skills in the job world. Jobs in private, public and government sectors are available. Another benefit of BA LLB Hons is that it gives you access to opt for various job profiles. To know more about what I have just spoken about read this blog.


Higher Studies

Graduates of BA LLB Hons have a variety of course choices. For example, if you desire to understand the legal systems fully and become more qualified for international legal practices can pursue an LLM (Master of Laws). Unlike this, an MBA after BA LLB Hons is also a good career choice, if you have a knack for business-related topics like finance, accounting, entrepreneurship and so on. Hold on there are still many great options if you’re willing to go for higher studies after BA LLB Hons:

  • Masters of Business Law
  • M.A. Human Rights and Duties Education
  • MA in Public Administration
  • MA Criminology
  • M.Phil. Law
  • Master of Comparative Laws


Fresher Job Opportunities After BA LLB Hons

As a Fresher, you have a plethora of choices to earn experience or you can say to put your understanding and skills into a real work environment in order to earn a living out of it. Some of the best fresher job opportunities after BA LLB Hons are:

  • Legal Attorney Support
  • Lawyer Activities
  • Legal Advisor
  • Legal&Compliance Manager
  • Associate Advisor
  • Legal Executive
  • Court Assistant


Government Jobs After BA LLB Hons

As you know that government jobs give you handsome salary packages and employment security. If you have excellent legal knowledge you should apply for jobs in the Public sector. For some job profiles, you have to give exams but in some cases passing the interview and eligibility is enough. Some of the best profiles are mentioned below:

  • Civil Judge
  • Magistrate
  • Senior Law Officer
  • Notary
  • Attorney Journal


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Various Job Profiles

  • Criminal Lawyer: These lawyers defend someone who is accused of committing a crime. They deal with numerous kinds of lawsuits for example murders, sexual assaults, property crimes and drug charges. Also, crimes related to law-breaking driving charges, corruption, fraud etc.
  • Civil Litigation Lawyer: Civil litigation lawyer normally deals with disputes between two parties. These disputes can be related to business, landlord-tenant relationships, family, financial issues, employment, personal injury and real estate. So in simple words what they do is fight for the opinions of their clients in court.
  • Legal Analyst: Popularly known as a legal specialist. Their role is to assist legal teams/individual lawyers. Their main responsibility is conducting legal research work in order to gather all the legal information related to cases.
  • Law Teacher/Professor: You must know the duties and responsibilities of a professor or a law teacher. So if you desire to become a law teacher or professor you must hold a degree master’s degree in LLM and a PhD.
  • Legal Journalist: The responsibility of these professionals is conducting research, gathering relevant and factful information and after that reporting the collected data to the mass. In simple ways, their main purpose is to use social media platforms and TV platforms etc. to spread a piece of information regarding laws or legal matters.
  • Document drafting Lawyer: Regarded as a law expert. Their topmost responsibility is top is to draft legal documents. Simultaneously making sure all the facts and laws are identified. Why is it so important? To help simplify the case matter for the law professionals with factful and relevant opinions so they can fight in the court.
  • Legal Advisor: Usually they can be found working in law firms or working as a member of legal counsel teams which are most likely hired by companies/organisations/enterprises for running a business without breaking laws.



After reading this blog you might have gotten cleared about your next career step. Let me ask which career path interests you more or which job profile you might think is cooler. One more thing all these career paths make you eligible for attractive and high paychecks.

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