BA LLB(H) with specialization in - Business, Criminal, Constitutional, International Laws

BA LLB(H) with specialization in - Business Laws / Criminal Laws/ Constitutional laws/ International Laws


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The School of Legal Studies at K.R. Mangalam University offers BA LLB(H) with specialization in - Business Laws / Criminal Laws/ Constitutional laws/ International Laws. Considered as one of the best law colleges in Delhi NCR, KRMU’s 5-year integrated program trains students in business, criminal, constitutional and international laws. The curriculum delivers intensive knowledge and training in legal as well as Humanities subjects. Students gain practical skills through Moot Court exercises, Clinical work, Client interviewing & Counselling, Practical sessions in Procedural laws, lectures in Substantive laws, etc. The program envisions making students competent legal practitioners by polishing their managerial skills. A progressive teaching methodology makes the teaching and learning process systematic, transparent, research-based, and result-oriented. The law field is extremely lucrative and holds lots of possibilities. The scholar can opt for higher studies and build a career in the law field and other creative areas, including journalism, banking, and more.

Programme Highlights

  • Option to choose specializations at Undergraduate level.
  • Lectures by experts from Industry and academia.
  • Moot Court and Client Counselling sessions.
  • Community services in the form of Legal Aid and legal Awareness programmes.
  • Mandatory Summer Internship Programs after first year with Lawyers, Judges, Law firms, NGOs etc.
  • Visits to Parliament house, Courts, Jails as a part of curriculum.
  • Access to online databases like Manupatra and SCC Online for legal research.


Programme Structure

Semester 1
Course Title Credit
History–I 4
Legal Method 4
Law of Contract–I 4
Political Science-I 4
Environmental Studies 3
Disaster Management 3
Communication Skills 4

Semester 2
Course Title Credit
Introduction to Computers & IT, Office Automation 4
Introduction to Computers & IT, Office Automation Lab 1
Techniques of Client Interviewing & Counseling 4
Law of Torts & Consumer Protection Act, 1986 4
Law of Contract-II 4
History-II 4
Political Science- II 4

Semester 3
Course Title Credit
Family Law–I 4
Legal History 4
Constitutional Law–I 4
Law of Crimes - I (IPC) (General Principles) 4
Personality Development & Communication Skills 3
Political Science–III 4
Sociology–I 4
French-I/ Chinese- I 0
Summer Internship I 2

Semester 4
Course Title Credit
Sociology-II 4
Family Law–II 4
Economics–I 4
Administrative Law 4
Constitutional Law–II 4
Law of Crimes - II (IPC) 4
French-II/ Chinese- II 0

Semester 5
Course Title Credit
Law of Evidence 4
Jurisprudence 4
Civil Procedure Code, 1908 & Limitation Act, 1963 4
Property Law 4
Sociology–III 4
Economics–II 4
Summer Internship II 2

Semester 6
Course Title Credit
Labour & Industrial Law–I 4
Specialization Paper- I 4
Company Law 4
Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 4
Public International Law 4
Economics–III 4

Semester 7
Course Title Credit
Specialization Paper- II 4
Labour & Industrial Law–II 4
Business Laws 4
Alternate Dispute Resolution 4
Environmental Law 4
Land Laws 4
Summer Internship III 2

Semester 8
Course Title Credit
Intellectual Property Rights 4
Specialization Paper- III 4
Specialization Paper- IV 4
Specialization Paper- V 4
Specialization Paper- VI 4

Semester 9
Course Title Credit
Professional Ethics, Accountancy for Lawyers and Bench-Bar Relations 4
Principles of Taxation Law 4
Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing 4
Law, Poverty & Development 4
Elective I * 4
Elective II * 4
Summer Internship IV 2

Semester 10
Course Title Credit
Legal Aid & Public Interest Lawyering 4
Specialization Paper- VII 4
Specialization Paper- VIII 4
Moot Court & Mock Trial 4
Elective III * 4


Eligibility Criteria

The candidate should have passed the 10+2 examination conducted by CBSE or equivalent examination from a recognized Board with a minimum aggregate of 50%.

Career Options

  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Civil Litigation Lawyer
  • Legal Analyst
  • Document drafting Lawyer
  • Legal Journalist
  • Legal Advisor
  • General Counsel in Banks and Business House

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