Best Courses to Pursue After BA

Best Courses to Pursue After BA

September 17, 2022

After Completing A Bachelor’s Degree in BA many graduates look for higher study or want to study some other undergraduate-level course. BA has plenty of choices when it comes to going for a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. This blog talks about the best courses you can pursue to expand your understanding of different fields.


Courses You Can Pursue After BA

Below are the best courses you can pursue after completing your BA. All of these will open new opportunities for you which will help you throughout your professional career.

Earning a MA (Master of Arts) Degree

Pursuing MA After completing your BA is a good option in order to upgrade your knowledge and skills. MA is a degree which can be pursued with various specialisations in India and Abroad. Some of the best specialisations with MA are:


Pursuing a Management Degree

One of the benefits of completing an MBA Degree is you can use your prowess and skills in any industry. You’ll get a deep understanding of how to start a business from scratch and run it productively. Another advantage that an MBA Degree has is it can be pursued with specialisations. Below are the MBA Specialisation courses:

  • MBA with Specialization in Human Resources
  • MBA with Specialization in Marketing
  • MBA with Specialization in International Business
  • MBA with Specialization in Finance
  • MBA with Specialization in Business Analytics
  • MBA with Specialization in Information Technology
  • MBA with Specialization in Entrepreneurship

To pursue MBA from K.R. Mangalam University you must have a Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent from a recognized University with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate.

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A Career in Journalism & Mass Communication

A degree in MAJMC is a gateway to many career opportunities. After completing MAJMC 2 years course you can be an editor, content writer, PR executive, Business writer, radio jockey or copywriter. You can find job opportunities in the Television industry, Film industry, Meda industry etc. MAJMC Degree also gives you the option to become a teacher after clearing the UGC NET examination.

If you are interested in journalism and mass media you can look for K.R.Mangalm university to pursue MAJMC. The eligibility is you should have completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized University with a minimum aggregate of 50%.

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Law Course After BA

LLB Hons is considered a degree that gives you a high reputation in society. This 3 years undergraduate course is focused on turning you into a competent legal practitioner by developing and honing managerial skills in you. After completing your LLB Hons you look forward to being a Criminal Lawyer, Civil Litigation Lawyer, Legal Analyst, Document drafting Lawyer, Legal Journalist, Legal Advisor and General Counsel in Banks and Business houses.

K.R. Mangalam University offers you an amazing LLB Hons course. To pursue LLB Hons you must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized University with a minimum aggregate of 50%.

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Career as a Teacher

B.ed after BA is an excellent option if you have a desire to be a teacher. During this 2 years course, you will be mentored in every aspect of a teacher. Developing communication skills, critical thinking skills, empathy, time management skills and collaborative skills in students is another main focus of a Bed Degree.

You have the option to pursue B.ed from K.R.Mangalam University. First, you need to fulfil the eligibility criteria which is you must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university with a minimum aggregate of 50%.

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