Integrated BBA MBA Course Details, Eligibility and Career options

Integrated BBA MBA Course Details, Eligibility and Career options

December 24, 2022

Integrated BBA MBA Course is made to provide students with an exposure to advanced knowledge and skills of the business management. This course also leads to fast career advancement with enhanced employability and increased career prospects.

Lead read about what is bba mba integrated course, subjects, eligibility and career options.


Integrated BBA MBA: Brief Introduction

It is a 5-year programme which includes theoretical and practical studying with 2 internships. The Integrated BBA MBA programme is made up to educate the students about the theories of business tactics, strategies, management, problems, and finances. During this course, aspirants will be trained to think out of the box, analytically, statistically and productively. The curriculum is designed with components of business theory, practice, experiential, industry immersion, research, and entrepreneurship skills.


BBA MBA Integrated Course: Eligibility

For pursuing this course you must pass 10+2 or any other equivalent examination from a recognised board with a minimum of 50% of aggregate marks. The age of candidates must not be more than 20 years as of 1st July of the year of admission.


Integrated BBA MBA: Major Subjects

  • Cyber Law and Governance
  • Business Applications of Economics
  • Management Thoughts and Applications
  • Laws Governing Companies in India
  • Macro Economic Dynamics
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Marketing for Contemporary Business
  • Business Statistics
  • Project Planning and Evaluation
  • Creating An Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Banking and Insurance Management
  • Managing Marketing Operations
  • Management Information Systems
  • Management of Financial Institutions and Services
  • Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management
  • Global Business Operations
  • Decision Science Applications in Business
  • Creating Intelligent Machines (Artificial Intelligence Analyst)


Career Options after Integrated BBA MBA

There are many job profile one can work as after completing this course. Read about these job profiles in full detail:


Retail Manager

A lot of companies are spreading their business/brand outlets or stores on an international scale in metropolitan cities thus this has given a rise to employment in the scope of retail managers after completing integrated BBA MBA. Actually, retail managers play various manager-level parts for example the retail manager is responsible for overseeing the productivity, and operations in stores, showrooms and supermarkets like Vishal mega mart and big bazaar etc. The retail Manager’s duty is to train new trainees and employees. They have several responsibilities like making statistics on the loss and profits, keeping the store stock full, and strategising plannings on how to gain valuable returns by maintaining good relationships with the customers.

Foreign Exchange Dealer

This is an interesting career scope after graduating from BBA MBA integrated course. The role of Foreign exchange is to analyse, research, and strategize plans on how to sell monetary exchange to clients. They often work in exchanging currency. You can find them in working sectors such as forex, banking, investment companies etc. The salary packages of foreign exchange dealers are lucrative and depend mostly on profits.

Event Manager

The event manager’s role is to promote an event like a social cause, musical concert, party etc, on digital platforms and through other means. They work closely with the event team members in planning the themes and concepts of the event. Negotiating with the clients for finances is one of their major duty also they negotiate with vendors for the supply of various things. They have to maintain good relationships with vendors and clients for future benefits for which they need good communication skills. They should have a good network to get event offers. They also manage to hire DJs, dancers, musicians, comedians, celebrities etc. for events.

Logistics Analysts

Logistics Analysts must need excellent computer skills to work on maintaining databases and statistics on spreadsheets. This scope of BBA MBA integrated has a lot of job opportunities on a global level in various industries/sectors like Warehousing sectors, Shipping industry, Logistics industry, Manufacturing industry etc. The main purpose of the logistics analyst is to watch and keep track of the supply of products from purchase to distribution in various areas and make sure the product reaches its destination.

Sales Manager

Every company in any sector and industry needs a sales manager who will help them gain profit and expand the business. The sales manager is responsible for hiring employees for making a sales team that will generate leads by selling the products which will eventually make a profit for the company and help them to build good relationships and provide services to the customers. A Sales Manager also trains the new recruits. The sales manager must know about consumer preferences and need leadership quality for managing the sales team to work accordingly to do better every time.

Management Consultant

Management Consultant is a specialist who provides a solution to companies for expanding their business, growth of the company and developing a market value or name. They give companies new policies and ideas to implement for better productivity and selling of services and products in their expertise. In short, they analyze the statics of a company in every aspect and make data on what the company is lacking after that they make strategies for that company to grow. As per GoodFirms, some of the top management consulting firms in India are KPMG, Zinov, Grant Thronton LLP, Red seer and Sathguru Management.

General Manager

The reason why this is a high-paying job position after graduating from bba mba integrated course is that the general manager plays an important role in the success of a company. They oversee the operational work in each department and make sure every department is working effectively to reach the goals or tasks set by the company. They are also responsible for making financial budget plans, implementing new policies, providing departments with their goals and projects, maintaining a good work environment and relationships among employees etc. General Manager must have outstanding managing skills, strong decision-making qualities, collaborative skills and organization skills.

Cost Accountant

Cost accountants must have good accounting skills and excellent of accounting software. The role of a cost accountant is to maintain, analyze and calculate the budget, losses, profits and cost generation of a company and make budgets according to it. They make reports on budgets and calculate its profit margins. They should have good presentation skills for presenting reports. They keep track or record of all the company purchases, expenses, operational costs, and fixed costs like employees salaries, insurance, and loans.


Integrated BBA MBA: Salary

This table below shows average annual salary in INR of different job fields in India after completing the integrated bba mba:

Job Roles Salary in INR
Retail Manager 2,55,800
Foreign Exchange Dealer 7,12,070
Event Manager 5,54,640
Logistics Analysts 6,02,456
Sales Manager 4,80,660
Digital Marketer 7,23,090
General Manager 24,78,000
Cost Accountant 5,67,0075


Frequently Answered Questions


Q1. Which are the best bba mba integrated course colleges?

Ans. K.R. Mangalam University is one of the top universities in India for integrated BBA MBA courses. The university offers an integrated bba MBA with the academic support of IBM. The university has highly experienced and qualified faculty members and a curriculum that has been designed by leading industry experts. The university also provides international internships and placements, as well as personalized mentorship and guidance. In addition, the university provides a host of extra-curricular activities and events which offer students a chance to network and socialize with the business world.

Q2. How much a fresher can earn after completing bba mba integrated course?

Ans. As a fresher after completing bba mba integrated course you can around 35 thousand to 1 lacs per month in India in reputed companies.

Q3. What are some subjects in bba mba integrated?

Ans. Business Applications of Economics, Management Thoughts and Applications, Macro-Economic Dynamics, Analysing Cost for Managerial Decision Making, Production and Operations Management, Creating An Entrepreneurial Mindset, Ethics, Values & Corporate Social Responsibility are some subjects you will study and practice during your 5 years of course.

Q4. Which are the high-paying job roles after bba mba integrated?

Ans. Foreign Exchange Dealers, General managers, Digital marketers, and Logistics Analysts are some high-paying job roles after graduating from a bba mba integrated course with different salary packages based on your experience in the business industry.

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