March 2, 2020

Every student dreams of being a part of a globally acclaimed organization and thereby, providing a dream start to the career. However, only a handful succeed in this mission, and that’s primarily because of the lack of understanding of the evolution of the fast-paced industrial landscape. In fact, it has been seen that even those who get good grades in exams often fail to bag the best of jobs. And that happens because these students fail to get the industry exposure that is indeed essential for them to gain the first-hand experience of how the actual industry works.

We, at K.R Mangalam University, one among the leading Gurgaon top ranking private university, believe that though degrees and qualifications hold their own value in enabling an individual to carve his/her career, they can never totally testify to the actual competence of an individual. For landing a dream job at a recognized organization, what is needed is the clarity of thoughts and the ability to perform in real-life situations. This is where the importance of industrial training gains prominence. Industrial training enables the students to connect with the industry on a ground level and gain a clear understanding of how things unfold, even before actually stepping into the corporate world. Here are some of the key benefits that make industry training a vital part of education today:

Provides real-time exposure to students

Industrial training acts as the perfect gateway for the students to understand the nitty-gritty of the corporate world. Along with gaining a hands-on approach to the latest technologies being utilized in the industry, students also get a first-hand experience of working on real projects. This helps the learners to receive an understanding of the kind of work they may be required to get involved in in the future.

Introduces the learners to the industry norms

Researching about the industry and the kind of jobs that you would like to work on is one thing, but experiencing the same by being there and actively partaking in the activities is a totally different thing. Industry training enables the students to actually live up the corporate life that they will be soon entering into is and learn about each and every aspect on their own. It enables the students to get acquainted with the industry norms and best practices in a very realistic way, and that helps them to have a heads-up in the process later.

Boosts the overall confidence level of the students

Confidence is one thing that’s indeed essential to make your mark in the professional sphere. And that confidence comes naturally to those who get to avail the benefit of industry training. That’s because most industry training programs involve sessions under experienced professionals and industry experts who not only help the students gain an insight into the work process but also let them learn the tactics and strategies of getting the things done. This helps to sharpen the professional and personal capabilities of the learners and enables them to rise as more competent and confident individuals.

Helps improve the placement chances

One of the major perks that the students get upon partaking the industry training program is a better chance of getting placed with a reputed organization. Since most employers these days prefer hiring individuals who have the sound industry knowledge and in-depth insights into the domain, industry training comes as a big-time aid for the learners.

At K.R Mangalam University, recognized as the top university in Haryana, we believe that an impactful industry training program is one of the most fundamental building blocks for quality education in the current times. It is because of this reason that we, at KRMU, have incorporated industry training as a vital part of our education programs. Industry training not only encourages hands-on participation from the students but also enables them to leverage and hone their talents and abilities by performing under the supervision of real-world professionals. The students, in turn, stand in a better position to carve a place for themselves in the highly competitive job market of today.

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