July 25, 2020

Agriculture is one of the major industries in India. However, since the field is generally related to farming and crops, the career in the industry is often overlooked by young graduates. There is a notion among the general public that the job roles in the agricultural field are all about tending the fields, growing crops, and looking after livestock. However, contrary to such beliefs, the modern agricultural industry is much more than that. Today, the agriculture industry has grown tremendously in its scope and opportunities, with constant innovations and cutting-edge research, giving way for diverse career options.

With the agriculture industry seeing incredible growth, it is important to realize the benefits of embarking a career in the sector. And for all those who are skeptical about exploring them, here are the reasons why it is a great industry to work in.

Agriculture offers a huge diversity of jobs

The modern agricultural industry is a broad field with an enormous range of job roles that are not just related to farming but also encompass plant sciences, farming technology, dairy industry, food sector, and much more. Besides, there are a whole lot of supporting industries that relate to agricultural aspects of crop researches and development, marketing, and technological innovations. There is also the agri-supply industry, specializing in seeds distribution, logistics, and selling inputs, including fertilizers and farming machinery. As the consumption and demand for agricultural products continue to see exponential growth, the job opportunities available in the agriculture industry of India are also experiencing a constant surge.

Agriculture is a growing industry

The agriculture industry in India remains one of the steadily growing industries, contributing a lot to the economy. The rising demand for healthier, organic, and locally-grown foods along with the increasing role of the private sector in processing, branding, and marketing of agricultural products has further boosted market growth. Moreover, the rising penetration of agrarian technology, growth in contract farming, modernized agriculture methods, the rise of exports, as well as the use of agrochemicals and high yielding seeds has all contributed significantly to the sector growth, making it a right place to find a career.

Demand is high and constant

Unlike any other industry, the agricultural sector has no downturn, which means, the more the population consumes, the more the demand exists, both domestically and internationally. As the trade for production and distribution of agricultural goods continue to rise, opportunities in this field also increase. This means that the agriculture industry is here to stay, and this indicates that the demand for professionals in the sector will always remain high and constant throughout the years, even in the pandemic.

Holds the potential to make a difference to the economy

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy, and so, when you start a career in the field, you automatically contribute to making a difference to the national economy. It is also a rewarding field, in which you will be contributing a lot to the society and environment, as it caters directly to food consumption. The world needs more eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural practices, and by working in this field, you can gain a greater sense of self-contribution to nature.

Technological innovation widening employment prospects

The agriculture industry is truly evolving in all aspects. With the growing demand for quality and quantity of agri-related products, the Indian agricultural industry is now centered on onscientific and technology-oriented innovations to increase the volume and value. Changing food production systems, evolving biotechnology strategies, and advancements in crop genetics, pest management, and animal breeding are here to open up a world of possibilities for agricultural students.

In a nutshell, the agriculture industry today is brimming with job opportunities. With skilled professionals always on demand, the agricultural industry is one of the smartest career paths to choose from in the 21st century. If you are one among those ambitious minds who wish to join the agriculture industry of India and contribute to the national economy, we, at the K.R.Mangalam University, one among the top 10 universities of Haryana, offer industry-centric agriculture education at our School of Agriculture (SOA). Our agriculture program has been designed to enrich the learners with the latest trends and technologies in agriculture. Equal focus is laid on sharpening the students on theoretical as well as practical concepts. Join KRMU to get groomed into agricultural entrepreneurs and agri-based professionals, who are talented enough to propel the next generation of agriculture.

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