Best Career Options after LLB Hons

Best Career Options after LLB Hons

August 6, 2022

As you might know, Law is one of the oldest fields which makes earning a degree in LLB Hons degree is considered highly respectful. LLB Hons is a 3 years undergraduate degree which offers you a wide pool of career choices. As the scopes of the law field are expanding from industry to industry.


Career After Law: Recent Changes

The Law field in India is undergoing a lot of change. Thus causing careers after law change and adjust accordingly. You can take professionals of law for example in today’s scenario. They do not just have scope in courts defending their clients but have various roles to play in corporate companies, MNCs, IT companies and administrative services. Several Big corporate companies are desiring for skilled legal advisors who can take charge of the new conditions and necessities of various business firms.


Top Job Profiles After LLB Hons

  • Legal Analyst: Also known as a legal specialists they assist legal teams or individual lawyers. They are responsible for conducting legal research and gathering all the legal information related to cases.
  • Litigation Lawyer: Often called a trial lawyer. They supervise and manage all the stages of litigation. In simple words, they fight in court for the clients under a legal action or proceeding.
  • Advocate: They are representatives of their clients in their courts. Unlike lawyers, advocates can use their skills and law knowledge in different legal domains and matters.
  • Corporate Advisor: The role of a corporate advisor or you can say legal advisor is to oversee a company, organisation or a client’s actions and accordingly advise them on how to do things without disobeying the laws.
  • Law Teacher/Professor: to become a professor or law teacher you must pursue a higher-level degree master’s degree in LLM and a PhD.


Government Jobs After LLB Hons

There are several job opportunities in the government sector for LLB Hons graduates. You just have to apply and appear in popular examinations. These examinations are UPSC, State Public Service Examination (SPSE), SSC CGL and SBI PO. If you complete a degree in LLB Hons you can be eligible for various job profiles through these examinations.


Frequently Answered Questions

Q1. Is there a good career after 3 years LLB course in Honours?

Ans. Yes, there is two career path you can choose to pursue after your 3 years LLB course in Honours. You can go either go for higher studies in LLM or pursue a career in the professional job world.

Q2. Is Hons LLB is good career option for me?

Ans. Yes, it is a good career option if you’re really interested. This course deep dives into the subjects of LLB Hons. It gives you chance to grab job opportunities in both government and private sectors.

Q3. Can I apply for government jobs after LLB Hons?

Ans. Yes, you can apply for government jobs after LLB Hons. First, you need to fill out the application form and appear for examinations. UPSC, State Public Service Examination (SPSE), SSC CGL and SBI PO are some government examinations you can apply for various job positions.

Q4. What are jobs after LLB Hons for freshers?

Ans. As a fresher, there are various career options for LLB Hons which are Criminal Lawyer, Civil Litigation Lawyer, Legal Analyst, Document drafting Lawyer, Legal Journalist, Legal Advisor and General Counsel in Banks and Business House.

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