June 6, 2018

Environment degradation all around the globe causing global warming is sadly alarming. It cannot be suddenly taught at a later stage but needs to be ingrained into our value systems and beliefs. A kid when it goes to kindergarten should not be carrying , for instance, any plastic stuff and schools should come out with green festivals. Also gardening should be the key activity in the school and in the universities, too-as better be late than never-more so  in India.

Also as India is among the world’s fastest growing economies and committed to raising the standards of its people, but in a way that is sustainable and green, our PM said on this World Economic Day. Also, the PM stressed- the country is engaged in a massive push to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and focus on renewable energy and also indicated that solar energy is India’s answer to the problem of climate change.

Moreover, to understand and feel the urgent need of depleting of our very scarce resources-it was illustrated to our young leaders-A person inhales Oxygen equivalent to approx. 3 cylinders per day. One oxygen cylinder is Rs. 700/-. For three cylinders, it is Rs. 2100/-, that means Rs. 7,66,000/- per annum. So for average life of a person of 65 yrs approx. Rs. 5 crores. That is the value of air, which we get FREE from plants.

So Respect, Appreciate and Protect plants. Plant more trees, save life.

Also, On World Economic Day, even employees are driving companies to become more planet-friendly. We need massive campaigns to raise awareness about climate change and ecological sustainability. Given lots of punitive measures, sustainability is important for business. Companies are spending lacs by creating sustainability councils as they have large millennial workforce. Eco-friendly activities, like switching of lights when not in conference room, doing double-side printing, etc.

Research shows that millennials  or young adults born between the early 1980s and 2000s-are willing to work for a company that shows a genuine commitment to corporate social responsibility, the environment and sustainability. So protection of environment should be the core agenda. And it is a common knowledge now, the environmentally & intellectually aware consumers only buy from Green Corporates & believes beyond financials.

The most pressing issue is to beat plastic pollution in Indian Cities and we also need to foster green culture.

Here at KRMU , given the environmental degradation & carbon emissions around and also the plastic bags menace around, is truly obsessed & developing the mind-set from we should to we shall not spoil our –Mother Earth from day one & we are quite successful at this, too.

Management education truly & urgently needs to focus on environment which plays a dominant role, now, in “Triple Bottom-line” which for laymen & management consultants are environment, economic & social. Also- Planet, People and Profits. Here sensitized young minds at management schools in general & our KRMU in particular are trained to play key role in this global emergency.

Moreover, at KRMU, the young & innovative learners are groomed into saving the planet-THE MOTHER EARTH which we all fortunately or unfortunately have inherited free along with the free air to breathe & the free water to consume, too. And it is no exaggeration that we have abused it to our detriment & we are on the verge of global catastrophe if one looks around his own ruined habitat and media alone cannot nail it.

That is how our socially conscious K R Mangalam university is different in leading the cause(s) –this time-discouraging the use of plastics in any form- majorly in Gurugram & other areas, too- by using innovative tools & strategies which very soon others will ape it. Thus our students getting due recognition by faculty & top management.

Today, on World Environment Day, the 5th June,2018, as it is said-Action Speaks louder than Words-Our eminent Prof (Coach) Gurbir S Khera of SOMC got felicitated at a function held at ICMEI, Marwah Studios-by His Excellency Mr Michael Aaron N.N. Oquaye, The High Commissioner of the Republic of Ghana, along with the few other distinguished awardees.

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