Everything You Need to Know About Building a B Arch

Everything You Need to Know About Building a B Arch

January 16, 2024

We’re living in a world of globalization where the infrastructure industry is growing rapidly. Because of the rapid growth in urbanization, the role of architecture become crucial. The field of architecture requires creative, innovative, and technically sound skills that play an important role in infrastructure growth. Thus, pursuing b arch degree from a reputable university helps students to gain knowledge in the designing, planning, and construction of different types of physical structures.

Apart from the interior structure, students learned the other elements of design and construction. Walls design, floors and roofs are some other elements that enclose the space which is also designed by an architect. Besides, there are many other career options available that one can opt for after completing the degree.

Before exploring the career option, let’s delve into the detailed information about the B Arch, including the eligibility, course objectives, course fees etc.

Overview of B Architecture Degree

Bachelor of Architecture or B. Arch is an undergraduate course and the b.arch degree duration is 5 years. The course offers in-depth knowledge of architecture design and various other aspects like sustainability, aesthetics design and functionality in building design.

In addition, the B. arch program lays a foundation for students in precedent analysis, site investigations, prototyping, programming, and other practical contexts.

The program structure of B arch is divided into 10 semesters, each semester comprises both practical and theoretical concepts. In the first semester, students get to know the basic design and basic aspects of architecture. As the course progresses, students will visit the site to get real-life exposure.  After completing the course, students are ready with all the necessary knowledge and designing skills that are required in the field.

Eligibility Criteria of B Arch Program

The eligibility criteria for the B arch program are 50% in the 10+2 with main subjects of physics, chemistry and maths or a class 10th diploma from an accredited college. Apart from the required marks, the applicant must be NATA, CEED, JEE advanced or KIITEE qualified. The exam is conducted to assess students’ skill in drawing and observation abilities, proportion sense, artistic ability, and ability to think critically.

Also, the course covers the various faces of several humanities, engineering, aesthetics, etc., streams. In the b arch curriculum, students will learn a variety of theory classes, a studio, projects, hands-on training, and research training.

B Architecture Course Objectives

The objective of the B Architecture course is to promote creativity, professionalism, and emotional knowledge in students. This course gives exposure to students where they can learn the dynamic environment of designing and building.

The main purpose of this program is to promote professionalism, emotional intelligence, and creativity. During their study, they will explore the setting where they can enhance their knowledge and skills.

Apart from enhancing the students’ skills, this course will boost their passion for learning which boosts their dynamic learning. The program not only teaches Applying Theory but also adds rigorous practice that plays a crucial part in the educational process.

Is B.arch a good career option?

The Bachelor of Architecture course opens many alternative career opportunities for students. With such opportunities, graduate students also get confused about which field to choose. The course helps students to develop visual, practical, and creative designing skills that can help in such fields. Below are mentioned some of the most chosen career options for the B. Arch graduates.

1. Architectural Designer: The role of architectural designer is to design residential, commercial, or public buildings, with the help of their creative knowledge. They collaborate with clients and plan with them according to their requirements and budget.

2. Urban Planner: The role of the urban planner is to explore the complex and lengthy process of developing cities and designing. Their work is to determine the green area beyond the new structure and develop the social and economic program for local communities.

3. Interior Designer: In the field of interior design, B arch graduates can explore the designing area and arrange the interior spaces.

4. Landscape Architect: As a landscape architect, you’ve to plan and design an attractive public park, playgrounds, gardens residential areas, college campuses etc. They can also plan the locations of buildings, roads, walkways, flowers, shrubs, and trees within these environments.

5. Sustainable Design Consultant: The sustainability consultant offers various services to help the companies with their green efforts.  They also conduct company assessments on water, carbon, energy, and hazardous materials that can negatively impact the environment.

6. Construction Manager: The role of a construction manager is to oversee construction projects from start to finish. They ensure that all the design specifications are met before the deadline within the budget.

7. 3D Visualizer:  A 3D visualizer designer creates 3-dimensional images using computer graphics. The job of 3d includes designing using specialized computer software, real-life images, and incorporating 3D images in web content and online instruction manuals.

8. Academician and Researcher: It’s a field for those who have a passion for teaching and research. They contribute to the education of future architects and conduct various research in architecture fields.

9. Real Estate Development: B. Arch graduates can work in the real estate sector, focusing on project development, from conception to construction and sales.

10. Lightening Designer: The lighting designer’s work is to design functional and beautiful lighting plans. It enhances the design of the interior and architecture design of the building.

Placements in Bachelor of Architecture

K.R. Mangalam is one of the best university for B Arch. The University has tie-ups with multinational companies that recruit students every year. The job market for B.Arch graduates is competitive. But those with the right skills and expertise can find many job opportunities. Among KRMU’s top recruiters for B Arch are Abin Design Studio, Design Plus Architects, Khosla Associates, The Purple Ink Studio, Studio Lotus, Morphogenesis, and many more.

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Why choose K.R. Mangalam University for the B. Arch program?

The K.R. Mangalam University offers a wide range of courses such as architecture, interior design, and interior architecture, providing students with top-notch education and access to the best resources, tools, and equipment.

The university offers diverse courses, including architecture, interior design, and interior architecture. It provides an excellent education to our students by providing them with the best resources, tools, and equipment. The university has a robust commitment to community service and social responsibility.

Also, the university offers many opportunities for students to actively participate in community activities and make a real difference. Our faculty members prioritise creating an optimal learning environment for every student. We are incredibly passionate about our work and pridefully impart knowledge to our students.

Our teaching staff consists of renowned experts, recognised for their work through prestigious awards. At our university, we prioritize providing students with the best learning environment, which includes top-notch facilities such as high-tech laboratories and advanced equipment. Students can focus on their studies without distractions from outside sources thanks to the campus’s modern facilities such as auditoriums, computer labs, libraries, etc.

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