January 2, 2018

In accordance with the English dictionary, the term ‘holistic’ refers to the process of nurturing anything or an individual in the totality. And when this adjective enacts as a prefix before the word ‘development’ and in respect to the higher-studies student community, it depicts the endeavor to foster an all-inclusive growth of society’s each pupil. ‘Holistic Development’ illustrates the methods of sharpening and strengthening the personality of a young one, simultaneously making sure that the one is gaining the best of scholastic wisdom.

It denotes that while a sprouting mind remains engaged to the educational books and tools, he/she is also exposed to the practical world, acquires some crucial pragmatic and technological skills and in effect becomes ready for the work sector with perfection. The beneficent strategy also lays stress over the evolvement of a pupil’s interactive fluency and communicative expertize as a global parameter. A student, later in life, should always retain the required-for smartness to converse with anyone at a foreign ambiance and thereby triumph over the situation with flying colors—that is the essential motto of this paradigm.

This paradigm also introduces the youth community to some distinctive dimensions of every-day life so as to infuse in the one the preeminent wit for dodging unprecedented circumstances of livelihood. In essence, this universal module for youth character cultivation attempts to groom an undergraduate or post-graduate aspirant with all the educational and rational deftness necessary for prevailing in the world.

However, in here a question arises that which is the avenue for a student to walk into and undergo this distinguished ‘Development’? The mentoring programs scheme appears to be the best answer in this regard. A must have a character for all the universities and other upper-tier academic organizations; this structure fulfills the ‘Holistic’ criterion to the optimum level.

Learning institutes incorporate this framework into their inherent infrastructure through the conduction of definite workshops and seminars over every individual branch of study. And these virtuous initiatives give students the opportunities to cherish the core essence of ‘Holistic Development’.

At a particular workshop, pupils get the apt scope to interact with teachers and senior scholars with utmost openness. At a friendly pace, they receive valuable suggestions from educators regarding the ways of self-preparation for succeeding at the coveted career-defining examinations (of international standards) and information about the necessary resources. Also, tips are gained from seniors about the method to access governmental and private grants to feed a more upper tier study dream.  The chances to participate in discussion rounds with these two latter fraternities ones and state own views not only boost a way lot of confidence into them but also redress the hindrance to speaking in front of a huge public.

Further, in these environs, the gesture of working together with classmates, juniors, and seniors permit a pupil to become accustomed to the habit of collaborative functioning and the practice to patiently deal with a large number of people. Such situations aid the one to rightfully discover own potentiality. While some find it convenient to operate in teams, others develop a natural flair to lead those teams. This prepares the ground for future leaders and players in an office climate.

The seminars, in turn, become the most effective events to communicate with the professional pros and have a glimpse of the work world’s contemporary status. An opportunity to talk with corporate biggies and government bureaucrats and knowing about the steps taken by them for advancement—aid and inspire student a lot, to make the correct job-acquisition move in these sectors. At a mentorship event, these ace minds also guide the ambitious pupils about the techniques to sustain at difficult work ambiances, strategies to pursue fetching attention of the directory body during the initial years and most essentially, groom them over the indispensable and unparalleled worthwhileness of pure hard work.

As a prominent dimension of the mentorship model, students are also taken for ground visits to witness the inner operational set-up of government and private companies and thereby become able to know about the real-life procedure of work accomplishment.

At the Indian context, the K.R Mangalam University, Gurgaon emerges as one exclusive scholastic organization that maintains this previously discussed mentorship framework in the most articulate manner and in consequence bestows the perfect holistic growth to each pupil under its patronization. Through a faculty build up with the highly estimable names of every academic genre, state-of-the-art laboratories with best of guides and internationally standardized libraries for all curriculums, the University’s visionary committee ensures that over the educational aspect an enrolled student is receiving the peak nurture. All the course structures are also reshuffled on a scheduled basis to keep them synchronized with the headway and alterations in the corresponding job sectors.

As over the young ones’ prospective nurture, K.R Mangalam strives to upkeep a befitting tie with all the famed corporations of the nation so that, on organizing the campus drives, students get connected with the most thriving opportunities at the biggest corporate frameworks. The university also has space for start-up firms to participate in its recruitment procedure and therein give the fresher fraternity to begin in a ‘fresh’ environ and have an in-hand experience of all the dynamics of corporate growth while working.

In its 10 distinctive scholastic centers that range from management to science and fashion and from law to literature and engineering—K.R Mangalam guarantees that pupils are accomplishing such an education which not only nurtures them with knowledge but also streamlines them with the agility required to survive and get the victory at their job profiles. Some of the distinctive characteristics of the University’s mentorship paradigm include:

  • Workshops over the latest happenings at an individual study field to let students explore those dynamics most articulately. Examples include sessions on Cyber and Labor Law, Apple IOS, Green Chemistry, Sexual Harassment at Work Place, Google Doodle Art etc.
  • Regular grooming classes for pupils by expert personality developers to hone their formal communicative aptitude, showcase propensity during interviews, gain confidence in public speaking and structure own persona at pace with original talent.
  • Facility for aspiring students to work at remunerative projects in esteemed firms and national associations of both administrative and creative patterns
  • Holding of case-study competitions, which inspire aspirants to perform well in the tasks of data researching, retrieving and inferring
  • Scheduled field visits to certain corporations’ production houses, museums, science congresses, news channel studios and showbiz events and thereby allow students to gain knowledge in a most exuberant manner.
  • Hosting Corporate Talk Seminars and providing the budding ones the lifetime chances to hear, talk and learn from the most successful, hard-working and esteemed executives and business persons.
  • Guest Lecture talks over the on-going innovations and scholastic projects of a definite subject module
  • Growthful internships for the deserving ones at the top-most companies and for-profit bodies
  • Own Science and Literature Societies for permitting pupils to polish their technical and artistic aptitudes within a homely ambiance and fetch world-wide recognition
  • Programmed arrangement of ‘Moot Court’ for Law School students so that their wits of cross-questioning and judgment get strengthened from a very initial level

With the objective to give the fresh Indian brains an authentic ‘Destination’ to evolve and guide them towards flawless ‘Success’, K.R Mangalam ensures that each seed fostered by it turns into the most fruitful and flourishing tree.

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