March 16, 2020

Journalism today is one of the most sought-after career choices for a substantial percentage of media students. The field of journalism is constantly expanding and rolling in new trends and paradigms for the next-generation workforce of reporters, press, and media experts to pace along with. This piece shall demonstrate how the modern face of journalism is evolving and stepping out from the notion of the subject journalism in our minds.

# Digital revolution has evolved the process of news collection

Exploring the world out of the newsroom was impossible since yesterday but not anymore! Whether journalists are traveling on a flight, they are driving down, or prioritizing their family times; they can still keep hold of the significant updates, news, and information from anywhere. It is all the wonder of digitalization and its tools that allows journalists to research and publish their work from anywhere.

# Journalism and branding

When looking forward to building sustainable business models and branding, many business figures are looking forward to working with news journalists. Yes, there are freelance journalists and reporters available in the market today, but not all shall agree to input their skills and abilities to work individually with one business. But today, the PR departments of many brands and businesses are looking for writers, reporters, and mainly journalists to promote their brands. This has emerged as a trend as more and more businesses realize the importance of the outreach of well-established journalists compared to regular copywriters or content marketers.

# Social media air changing the face of core journalism

Social media is the entire buzz that our ears can hear in today’s time. It is one of the most influential, trendy and significantly accessed platforms that 80% of the population are glued to today. It has influenced the variables of many industries, but journalism has been a leading one. Today journalists utilize the dynamic social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many more to brush their ideas and skills in unique ways in extensive genres of reporting and posting. Social media platforms have changed how journalists want to think, express, and address, and on what subjects. Rather than merely aligning with core news, crime news, sports, or political advocacy, many young journalists choose to work on areas like entertainment, campus, lifestyle, fashion, or opinion reporting, which are quite interesting arenas.

# Public relations – Key to the world of journalism

Public relations has always been perceived as a separate stream, but now it is not only collaborating or blending with journalism but literally taking over it. As per the Occupational Employment research, hiring of public relations professionals is ruling over the recruitment of journalism by 25%. Today journalists with PR specializations tend to earn more than core journalism professionals, as per the survey. Getting media coverage is not an easy task; hence public relations professionals are in high demand when it comes to tailoring significant messages to core reporters or customizing pitches. PR thus stands as the backbone of journalism today more than ever before.

# Politicization

Last but not least, politicization is possibly one of the significant reasons that are bringing notable changes in the viable of journalism. The face of politics and journalism has always paced along in direct proportions. Journalists in the upcoming years choosing to work as mainstream reporters can certainly not escape political advocacy and governmental and administrative news exploration.

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