September 22, 2020

It is said that when the basic needs are met, the fancies can be fed. The global COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the meaning of basic and luxury to us once again. With millions of people dead and more than millions suffering from this disease and struggling to come back to a normal life again, COVID-19 has emerged as one of the deadliest pandemics the world has witnessed in a century. No wonder it has stormed the very foundations of the global economy, and no industry has escaped the mayhem.

The fashion industry is surely one of those industries that have been hit in the worst possible way. With people concentrating more on utilities, leaving fashion aesthetics behind, fashion designers are evidently finding their way back into the process. Along with the global demand, the supply laterals are also suffering considerably, which is adding up to the overall setback of the fashion industry that largely provides for the fashion designers.

However, the human race has never succumbed to any disaster and has always found a way to start from scratch every time they are pushed to the level they started the journey from. Similarly, the fashion industry in general and the fashion designers, in particular, are also finding out some ray of hope no matter what shadows the pandemic has cast upon them.  Here in this article today, we, at K.R. Mangalam University, the Top Fashion Design Institute in Delhi NCR, have brought forth for you a brief account of how the fashion designers are going to be posed with challenges and how they can also find out some silver linings once the pandemic is over and the world starts settling to its new normal.

Challenges the Fashion Designers are Likely to Face in the Post COVID Era

One of the primary challenges that the fashion designers are about to come across once the pandemic gets over is supply chain shortage. Though fashion seems to encompass the opulent class of the population, the industry depends on thousands of marginal workers and producers for sustenance. The pandemic has literally cut out the link between the producers and the creators.  Without quality fabric, skilled sewing and knitting professionals, running the industry would be a challenging task for the fashion designers for sure.

Another challenge that is expected to bother the fashion designers in the post COVID era is the demand side shortage. No matter what amount of products they come up with, if the market does not have enough demand, there would be no sustenance for the fashion industry. With the global demand getting redefined in favour of essentials alone, the future might offer some times of hardship for the fashion industry.

However, despite all the challenges, the fashion industry is finding ways to get on to the heights it has always been on. The focus is now being laid on understanding the consumer needs keeping in view of the new trends that the pandemic has given rise to. And we are certain that the efforts will soon bear fruits in terms of new opportunities and even wider scopes for the upcoming league of fashion designers.

Opportunities for Fashion Designers in the Post COVID Era

As you know, every rain comes with an opportunity of a rainbow. No matter how difficult the times are with the pandemic going on, the post COVID time might as well offer a lot of new opportunities to the fashion designers. The future market will surely have enough demand for masks and other utility fashion garments that would offer protection from contamination andprovide comfort at the same time. If the fashion designers can transform the resources in making such time-relevant fashion garments and accessories, the setback caused by the pandemic will subside in no time, and the industry will soon resume to its former glory.

At K.R.Mangalam University, we understand the ongoing fashion trends and that the market is soon going to bounce up with new vigor and dynamics. We are hence keeping our fashion design studies aligned to the most useful and time-relevant processes possible. We are putting in our best to make sure that every aspirant finds the post COVID time perfect to be fitted in the industry. We have already remodelled our curriculum and have incorporated experiential learning programs to ensure that the students get an idea of how to progress when the crisis period is over.

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