Career in Indian Gaming Industry: Rise to Billion-Dollar Market

Career in Indian Gaming Industry: Rise to Billion-Dollar Market

April 11, 2023

Gaming has become a prominent source of entertainment for most of the youth. In India, 420 million online gamers spend 8.5 hours per week playing adventure, action, simulation, casual, and puzzle games. In the last few years, the gaming industry in India has shown tremendous growth, generating billions by entirely becoming a hub for advertisements & branding. Meanwhile, Esports competitors and streamers are expanding their reach from urban agglomerations to villages.


What Impacted the Gaming industry in India to Expand

If you go back in time to Covid-19, it is easily visible to see how the wave of mobile applications due to rapid digitization provided entertainment to billions during isolation at home. Another reason is mobile penetration, Gen Z and millennials got attracted to video games which are easily accessible to play with mobile phones and the availability of internet usage.


Is Gaming a New Drug

Gaming can be called a drug which can be advantageous and harmful. For decades it has been a source of prime entertainment raising adrenaline rush, or as a way to release the stress of professional life. Due to the rising use of mobile games, it has come to the light like never before. According to various research studies, the findings says that playing games improves Intelligent quotient, concentration, creativity, memory, and teamwork ability.


Predictions for 2025

According to several analysts, the Indian gaming industry will generate a revenue of $260 Billion. Manjo Singh, The CEO of Rubika a Leading private gaming organization that deals with creating video games, 3D animations and industrial design, predicted that by the year 2025, the Indian gaming industry will meet a growth rate of 113% and by 2027 there will be 667 million online gamers in India itself.

Now, we have learned that the gaming industry in india is going to massively expand and prosper accordingly. You must be thinking, how can I build a career in game design and animation?


How To Build a Career in Gaming Design and Animation

To become an expert game designer or animator you must have a creative approach, multi-tasking skills, and time management skills. In any job profile such as game programmer, 3D Modeler, Game Marketer, or Game tester these non-technical skills are essential. If you are eager to pursue a career in game design you must first complete a diploma or degree in the very same. Be careful before opting for any game design and animation course/certification why? Because the industry demands are high. Before stepping into the industry must not join it as a fresher instead join it as a fresher but have the mindset and skillset of an expert game designer.


How to Become a Skilled Game Designer and Animator

K.R. Mangalam University offers a 4 years B.Des in Game Design and Animation with Academic Support of ImaginXP. This advanced game design and animator course studies the basic fundamentals, history and psychological effects of game design. Other than this covers from sketching, colour pattern, materials, and knowledge of digital tools. 3D modelling, User Experience (UX) and many other relevant topics.


Game Design Course Eligibility Criteria:

An aggregate of minimum 50% marks in 12th from a recognized Board. The reservation and relaxation for SC/ST/OBC/PWD and other categories shall be as per the rules of the central/state government, whichever is applicable.


B.Des in Game Design and Animation with Academic Support of ImaginXP

ImaginXP is a leading Higher EdTech organization helping students with the execution of action plans, incorporating methodologies and implementing newly evolving innovative techniques.

This academic collaboration of K.R. Mangalam University and ImaginXP provides rigorous and industry-specific training to students to develop themselves as skilled game designer and animators. Below are the other major benefits:

  • Training on tools & software predominantly used in the entertainment industry
  • Sketching and creating designs under the guidance of ImaginXP experts.


Career After B.Des in Game Design & Animation

These are the various career choices after completing this B.Des in Game Design and Animation programme that pays well and offer a growing career.

  • Game Programmer
  • Game Testers
  • Game Designer
  • Game Animator
  • 3D Modeler
  • Game Technical artists

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