February 22, 2018

With the placement season just around the corner, there is a fervent rush among final year students to prepare for the lucrative deals awaiting. But are you well-prepared and ready to grab a position? Everything from doing projects, working on academics, and preparing for written tests matters a lot. It is important that you present yourself as a potential prospect to the companies in the best possible light. It might though not be as simple as it sounds. Students have to put their best foot forward to prepare themselves for the interviews and manage to get past the placement process successfully. But how can you put in your 100% to gain a potential offer? There are some important aspects that every student have to keep in mind during the placements to fare well and stand as a cut above the rest.

Make your Resume Standout:

It is an obvious fact that a well-written resume speaks for itself. It is extremely important that you remain cautious about what you present in your resume and how you do it. Writing a good resume is not a big deal but you have to look into certain things from the perspective of your chosen career. Make sure to prepare your CV according to your career so that what you present on the CV resonates well with how you present yourself during the placement interview process.

What happens most of the times is that students tend to prepare their resume based on a standardized format, which actually leaves only very little scope for creativity. However, even within those limitations, you can still put in some effort to differentiate yourself from the rest. Choose carefully what has to be written and how it will help in presenting your image to the employers in a better way.

Yet another important aspect is to ensure if you can stand by every word written on your CV. You must be ready to substantiate every statement presented about yourself in the resume.

Prepare to Ace the Written Exams:

Most of the companies today have their own minor written test or programming test before they move the candidates to the interview part. This will help employers filter candidates depending on their knowledge and aptitude levels. It is hence important for students to be well-prepared to score well in the exam. You can look out for mock/practice logical/aptitude tests from different sources so that you stay prepared and be ready to ace the actual exam with speed and perfection. Practice a lot of questions beforehand and make sure you are ready to ace the written tests well.

Build your Communication Skills:

Communication skills are of paramount importance when it comes to making a strong career. Even if you are taking on a desktop programmer role, you need to build up your employability skills to sustain and shine through your career. Building communication and interpersonal skills will help a lot during your interview and group discussion sessions. Do express your thoughts and show your enthusiasm and passion for the company in a professional manner to the recruiters. For this, it is necessary to build your vocabulary and practice common interview questions and other topics with your peers so that you can get an easy edge in the group discussions and interviews. When you get comfortable with public speaking, you become capable of dealing with any slippery situations.

Get Ready for the Interview with Confidence:

While academic record and CV helps you get shortlisted, possessing high levels of confidence is necessary to get through the rest of the selection process. Having a relaxed mind and posture will let you face the interview confidently. Make yourself feel good and do some self-talk to reinforce confidence and self-belief in yourself. When you are confident enough, it can be seen in the way you speak, shake hands with the recruiter, and even in the way you walk and present yourself in the interview. Also, it is important to keep your own fears and expectations in check so that you are positive and confident to deal with the interview process.

Be Relaxed:

Interviews are indeed a learning experience. With every passing interview, you are definitely learning something new. So, there is nothing to get anxious about it. Try to treat it as an opportunity to learn, build contacts, and move forward. Make sure not to succumb to any peer pressure during the placement season. It will adversely affect your interview performance. Accept offers that suit you the best and take the right decision for yourself without feeling pressured.

Present Yourself Well:

Last but not the least, physical appearance matters a lot. It will create a significant impact during your short interaction with the recruiters. Be comfortable and presentable in your attire so that you do not feel uneasy or look artificial. Carry yourself in a formal dressing with minimal style to add confidence to your interview.

Remember, placement is not the end; there are opportunities beyond that. But making the most of your on-campus placement opportunities can save you lot of time and effort. You will also learn and gain new skills that lead you towards your career goals. With the right environment that fosters placement opportunities, you are sure to embark on a prospective career and that is what a well-established educational institute does.

K.R. Mangalam, a renowned university with excellent placement records, strives to create a favorable environment that benefits both students and corporate recruiters.  With our mutually beneficial relationship with many respected organizations, we are able to create a synergy between helping students to thrive and the companies to hire from a rich pool of potential candidates.

Campus recruitment process at KRMU proves to be a robust platform for students in taking their first step up in their career journey. With a host of recruiters from various sectors and niche categories, KRMU is able to connect the corporate world with students so that they can prove their mettle in the industry. So, with the students gearing up for the placement season, keeping track of the companies visiting the campus, staying prepared for the roles they are offered, and knowing and understanding the recruitment process are some of the aspects that could prove to be vital for students to plan and prepare.

In short, campus placements can be your ticket to a prospective future career. Make sure to plan well ahead, prepare hard, and stay confident and positive!


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