September 3, 2019

Nature has always been the primary source of livelihood for the entire variety of existence on earth. Of all the components of nature, the soil is the primary source for nutrients and energy for all living creatures and plants. It surely has high-end fundaments associated with its magical powers and acts. The study of these phenomena that make the soil a generator of nutrition and energy for the biosphere is referred to as soil study or soil science.

Earlier, soil study was limited to the agricultural field. But with the advancement in science and its related studies, soil science has evolved as an essential component of branches like agricultural engineering, agricultural meteorology, agrarian extension, agronomy, and many more. A larger volume of crop yield always comes associated with a detailed understanding of soil concerned. Hence, soil science is becoming a demanded avenue in the specialized domain of studies with its potential to aid industrial agriculture as well. If studying soil science is on your mind, the future has a lot to offer you in terms of a bright career and massive prospects.

Huge Demand of Soil Science Experts for High Yielding Cash Crops

Cash crops are an integral part of any economy. In India, tea, coffee, sugarcane, cotton, etc. are regarded as cash crops and are massively exported across the borders. The higher the yield, the better is the foreign exchange revenue for the country. Hence, the relevant sector has a dire demand for experts with knowledge of soil science that could be deployed to turn the wheels of fortune for the export scenario of the country. The Indian market already has and will continue to have a considerable demand for soil science experts to optimize the profits from the foreign trade domain.

Pro-Agricultural Development

The government is now adopting measures that are friendly with agriculture driven growth. The fiscal policies, including agricultural loans and subsidies along with the budget allotments, have given a clear indication towards the agriculture-pro resource allocation, which inevitably signifies higher demand for soil science in the future. This makes it pretty evident that India holds brighter opportunities for students opting for soil science today.

The World at Large is Embracing the Organic Farming Practices

The world is becoming more aware of sustainable means of development. Agriculture and organic farming have emerged as the primary ways to deal with the increasing depletion of natural resources. Countries like Canada, USA, Japan, etc. are concentrating more towards organic farming processes, which employ a significant role of the soil science experts. This means that having relevant knowledge of soil science would not only allow your career to assume a growing shape in India but abroad as well.

Soil Science Opens up a Huge Avenue of Jobs

Being skilled in soil science can open up a vast range of career choices for the pursuers. Teaching is surely one of the largely opted avenues. Besides, you can also work on designations like assistant professors, research associates upon completing your higher studies in soil sciences. Jobs in environmental engineering domain, agronomy related enterprises, agricultural research institutes are some of the other available options for soil science experts. The average salary ranges between INR 5 Lakhs to INR 6 Lakhs, which is substantial when compared with the entry-level payout in any other industrial sector in the country.

Agriculture is a domain that is going through its revival phase at present. With more opportunities and resources getting added to the avenue of agriculture, soil science is one of the best subjects to opt for today. With a degree in agricultural science, an aspirant can easily grab a job in India or abroad. At K.R. Mangalam University, one among the leading private universities in Haryana, we offer a degree program in Agricultural Science, where students are trained on the most relevant and demanded aspects of agriculture, soil science being one of them.The amalgamation of traditional methods with the trending technological tools and techniques make our curriculum and program stand apart. The modern approach that we, at KRMU, incorporate within the agricultural studies makes our students successful in their hunt for the best opportunities not only in the nation but across the world.

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