January 20, 2020

With the growth of the global tourism sector, the world today is witnessing a large potentiality for hospitality services to flourish. The hotel industry has registered quite a good growth in India as well as abroad with many leading players joining the industry as well as expanding their portfolio on a worldwide basis. As such, it won’t be wrong to say that hotel and hospitality verticals are currently among the best career domains to work in. Besides some of the most lucrative salary packages, the hotel industry endows its pursuers with lots of other perks as well, which makes it quite an attractive career niche.

In this article below, let us have a look at the topmost reasons why hotel management forms a great choice in the modern world:

Great growth prospects

The growth prospects in the hotel industry are always high for those with effective management skills. By taking on early responsibilities, one can reach a high-level management position even at a relatively young age. The hotel management sector provides adequate career advancement opportunities for professionals to advance their careers in the industry. Moreover, most hotels offer training programs and personality/soft skills development sessions for their employees to help enhance their professional stature.

A fast-growing sector with huge demand for talent

Owing to the urbanization and globalization trends, hotel management has emerged as one of the fast-growing sectors in the modern economy. Currently, there are lots of jobs growth in the hotel industry along with catering and allied industries, and the numbers are expected to increase in the next couple of years. More and more hotels are mushrooming in large numbers in urban and semi-urban areas, giving rise to more demand for jobs in tier-II and tier-III cities. As a rising industry, the demand for trained and talented professionals in the hotel industry is much higher than the current supply rate.

Salary potential

Career opportunities in the hospitality sector are not only immense but also come with excellent pay prospects, even for the starters. The salary in this field depends mostly on the organization and job profile. However, in the course of time, once you gain enough experience, you are sure to get your hands on hefty pays. In average, a hotel management staff from a five-star hotel chain can earn anywhere around 3-4 lakhs per annum as a starting salary.

Diverse job opportunities

With the industry growing at a tremendous rate, you are sure to land upon a range of exciting job opportunities. The diversity in the hotel and hospitality industry brings a variety of jobs available for candidates. You can choose anything from a hotel management career to a resort entrepreneur or a casino manager. The hotel management education will open you up to a world of opportunities, not just in the hospitality sector, but also to the related subsectors like event management and more.

Work beyond the boundaries

Though the hospitality sector is an extremely competitive industry, new job opportunities are emerging for aspiring professionals in the field, not only domestically but globally. Most of the prominent hotel chains are expanding their presence across multiple geographic locations. This way, you get to get a job in a hotel chain anywhere in the world and can work beyond boundaries. You also have the job flexibility to choose to work under different environments, either in a remote resort in a laidback atmosphere or at the heart of the city in a fast-paced environment. It’s up to you to choose to be transferred to the place of your choice if you are working in hotel chains having branches in different locations.

With travel, tourism, luxury events, and hospitality turning out to be the most dynamic sectors, having relevant education in the field can indeed give students the potential to forge great careers ahead.The School of Hotel Management and Catering Technology at K.R.Mangalam University strives to meet global hospitality standards and professional competence with its industry-centric, full-time degree program in hotel management. The cutting-edge curriculum and training under senior faculty prepare students to embark on some great job opportunities right upon graduation.At K.R.Mangalam University, recognized as the management colleges in Haryana, students are trained with the right blend of soft and hard skills to serve to the best of their potential in the world of the hospitality industry and thrive well in the increasingly globalized world.

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