April 16, 2019

The invention provides the foundation for progress. Since times immemorial, the wheels of history have maintained the momentum and gained pace from the innovations that have made even the unthinkable really. In modern times as well, where every little aspect of our lives is getting ruled by science and technology that have registered remarkable progress over the times, innovation has remained as the only impetus to embark upon the unknown. Engineering is a stream that has close relations with the strings of fundaments that are associated with natural laws. Hence, an institution that supports the enthusiasm, and encourages stepping beyond the usual and inventing something new is the ideal one for the engineers of the future. To that end, we, at K.R. Mangalam University, ranked among the Top Engineering Colleges in Haryana, have built the Engineering Kitchen at our campus to enable our students, as well as the faculty, to keep pace with the constant progress that the field of engineering and technology has been registering.

Enables the Students to Think Unconventional

Innovation necessarily means setting up a mindset that differs from reality. It is always in the imaginations that lie the potential of coming up with a fresh idea leading to innovation. Be it a new one or an improvisation over an existing phenomenon, every bit of invention requires the freedom to think and an environment that supports and nurtures the exceptional abilities of the progressive minds. The Engineering Kitchen at KRMU provides the students of engineering an ambiance that never restricts their knowledge within the territory of conventional thinking and allows flourishing the young minds in whichever direction they wish to. The ambitious projects that the institute conducts enable the students to experiment with their innovative abilities and power of thinking, enabling their grooming into high potential engineers of the future who would be able to build things instead of mending things.

EncouragesEntrepreneurship among the Young Minds

It is never a mandate to opt for jobs after doing your engineering degree. If you are ready to explore the horizon of possibilities and can excel in the future in terms of establishing your own enterprise, it is a prerequisite that you develop the innovative part of you. It is the entrepreneurs who make the backbone of the industry and help the economies to grow.  Hence, if you have the potential and intention of becoming a fresh name in the business world, every possibility of realizing your dreams lies in the effective implementation of the skills that will be very well promoted at our Engineering Kitchen.

The concept of Engineering Kitchen is a new thing itself around the academic corner. With the help of the Engineering Kitchen, we, at K.R.Mangalam University, are aiming to arrange for every requirement that will help the innovative minds at our campus to realize their best potential. Making the single crystals of the materials that are technologically important is one of the major projects undertaken at the Engineering Kitchen that reflects innovation in thinking and approach. We have already done the solution growth experiments with the help of innovative techniques. There has also been a demonstration of the cost-effective methods of thermocouple fabrication. It is at our Engineering Kitchen that we have unleashed ways to make whisker crystals in a renewed manner. There are many ideas and plans there as well which are yet to take shape, but the efforts and the mental agility of the aspirants have been relentless in realizing the dream projects. The Engineering Kitchen at KRMU is a true cradle for innovation in every sense.

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