BA Honours in English: Course Details, Syllabus, Eligibility and Career Options

BA Honours in English: Course Details, Syllabus, Eligibility and Career Options

September 10, 2022

Literature is a comprehensive essence of the intellectual life of a nation – William Shakespear

BA English Honours is a sought-after course one can pursue after the 12th. Many different opinions about this course have been living in society. Some call it a worthless degree, a course to learn the English language or to look cool in society. Unfortunately what is invisible to most of these people is what it illuminates. How it will positively influence not only your career but your life ahead. Your Intellect, philosophies, opinions and psychology it impact all.

BA English Honours: Brief Introduction

BA Hons in English is a 3-year undergraduate course which can be called a “degree in English literature”. Why? Because that’s what this course is all about. Literature is a piece of art which tells about society, history, science, cultures, traditions, relationships and wars through poetry, novels and plays. This course covers History, literature, poetry, drama and different types of English writings. During this programme, you will develop excellent fluency and writing skills in the English language.

What will I study during this course (Theoretically and Practically)

  • Literary studies like women’s writing are based upon women’s experiences during old times and history.
  • Popular literature and also literature like romantic British, American, post-colonial, Indian classical & diaspora and European classical.
  • British Poetry and drama of the last century of the British Medieval period (which is likely the 14th century) to the 20th century.
  • The modern way of Indian writing in English translations and how to write creatively.
  • Extra essential topics like environmental studies and disaster management.

Click this link for BA English honours syllabus and subject

Eligibility Criteria In K.R.Mangalam University

To be eligible for BA Hons in English you must fulfil these two criteria:

  • You must have passed your 12th examination or equivalent in any stream from a recognised board examination.
  • You must have a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.

Benefits of Studying BA Hons in English

# Master of English Grammer

By reading and studying all those pieces of literature, poems, dramas etc. students will develop an excellent and stronghold of grammar (rules of English language) when it comes to communicating, speaking or writing in English.

# Greater Job Opportunities

Graduates of BA English Hons have job opportunities in both government and private sectors. They can opt for any position from the multiple job profiles this course offers.

# Chances of Good Earnings

After completing this course you can earn between 4.5lacs to 7lacs which depends on the career path you have chosen and experience you hold in the very own same field.

# Many options for Higher Studies

There are many higher education courses you can pursue after BA English Hons. some of these courses are:

Career After BA English Honours

There are many career options after BA Hons in English you choose from:

  • Journalist & Mass Communication

Journalism is a profession where you collect information on topics like news, events, sports etc. then write about it in newspapers, articles and magazines. In Journalism, it is most important to maintain public relations. So for this English language is the first medium to communicate with the mass.

  • Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing that involves the use of electronic devices. It is a highly competitive field which needs creative and interesting descriptions, blogs, articles, taglines and other stuff to bring traffic.

  • Advertising executive

Advertising executives are the crucial connection between a client and customers. Their main responsibility is to support and pitch the concepts to customers.

  • Law Course

This course is very popular among the graduates of BA Hons in English. Because the law course needs critical thinking, analytical, research and excellent communications skills.

  • Teacher/Lecturer/Academician

There is no better person than an educationist who has the right principles and methods for teaching. You can either work in school, college or university if you have a knack for teaching or education.

  • Public Relations Officer

As a Public Relations Officer, you need to handle many responsibilities like planning PR strategies and campaigns. Writing content for press releases, speeches and promotional material. Also, public speaking for improving and maintaining the image of your client/company among the stakeholders, media and public.

  • Creative Writer

Creative Writers are peoples who write poems and stories based on their imagination, experience and philosophies. The more interesting and indulging your work is the more successful and popular you’ll become.

  • Content Writer

They are basically people who write content for marketing and print media. They are mostly found working in marketing agencies and in-house advertising departments. They write to market their company/clients’ products or goods&services. Mainly what they do is provide information on several topics.

  • Blogger

Blogger writes, edit and posts content on their website pages. They do research on any topics to promote products or anything on their pages.

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