December 25, 2017

Strong industry interface ensures keeping pace with the fast-changing industry scenario, while at the same time, providing industry-relevant knowledge and skills to the students. K.R. Mangalam University is considered as one of the notable higher educational institutions scoring high in terms of industry interface. Right since its inception, the university has consistently striven to bridge the gap between the industrial demands and the skill sets of the students. With a strong industry interface, KRMU has been relentlessly working to connect with various top corporates and enterprises to extend the career opportunities for its students. The industry-vetted training modules and programs conducted at the university benefit in preparing and equipping the students to adequately meet the industry requirements. KRMU empowers students to gain an edge in the competitive employment space and grab the best of job opportunities available.

Role of faculty in Industry Interface:

Faculty plays a crucial role in building up the value of the industry interface offered by an education institution. For an effective industry interface, faculty members should ideally be industry representatives, aware of every area/specialization of the We all are very well aware of the fiery rising competition in the professional world these days. True, owing to globalization and expansion of industrial sectors, there has been a swift rise in the opportunities in the job market; however, the sad fact is that despite the rising requirement of skilled workforce in the industry, the proportion of employable graduates as considered by the recruiters is significantly low. In general, each year over 3 million graduates joins the Indian workforce, of which only 25% of technical graduates and 10-15% of other graduates are ideally considered employable. You can read about the same at

This indicates that the educational institutions are somewhere lacking in equipping the students appropriately with the essential skill sets that are required to thrive in the industry. It hence emerges as the prime requisite for the educational institutions to design the curriculum in such a way that students are not only provided knowledge on the theoretical aspects but are also familiarized with the industry needs and trends. For this, it is necessary that educational institutes establish a strong interface with the corporate world and industrial sectors and enable their students to get exposed to the actual business world.

Need for industry Interface:

In today’s competitive world, it is important that educational institutions serve as an industry marketplace that not only supports students in getting placed with the best of players in the industry but also simultaneously favors the industry by supplying the skilled manpower required. The right industry interface is mutually beneficial, generating a viable platform for both the employers and students to get benefited in a way such that employers seek talent from the university while students are provided with career opportunities to meet the industry needs. A valuable industry interfaces with eminent faculty and academic curriculum that fosters skills development is what makes the efforts fruitful.

Ideally, it is the responsibility of the educational institution to not only impart quality education to the students but also to make sure that the education is industry-relevant and of acceptable standards. For an educational institution that gets a high academic rating, it is equally necessary to get a high industry rating as well, so as to reckon among the best. Generally, most of the educational institutions conduct industry interface activities through organizing guest lectures, seminars, and placement training sessions. But that is not all of what an industry interface is all about. A valuable industry interface includes joint research projects with the industry, field studies, live cases taken up by students in the industry, management development programs (MDPs), faculty consulting projects, and much more. Besides that, having industry-focused pedagogy and an industry-vetted curriculum updated in line with the modern standards and practices are considered to be worthy parameters for industry interface of a university/college.

In that direction, the K.R. Mangalam University, recently awarded as the Best University for Industry Interface in India 2017, holds an effective organization structure, processes, and system for effective interaction with the industry, thereby providing a valuable industry interface for the immense benefit of its students.

Industry Interface @ KRMU:

industry, who can represent the academic council in planning, reviewing, and updating the curriculum. Their feedback in structuring the curriculum and shaping the students’ development programs is vital to the university.

KRMU’s key faculty members are valued experts and stalwarts in their respective industries. Being in the position of influencing and partaking in the industry and business space, they uphold the university’s presence in the business arena, thereby opening doors for graduates to get past the industry opportunities without much strife. The fact that industry experts are spearheading the academic curriculum ensures the coherent progression of students into their career environment through proper guidance. In fact, faculty at the university are the ones who are in better position to guide and direct students by providing them with additional inputs about the industry,  bringing out an immersive learning experience to the students.

At the K.R. Mangalam University, we regularly conduct seminars, workshops, and guest lectures for the students, led by the visiting faculty from all across the country as well as abroad, where the purpose is not only to provide our students with learning opportunities but also to provide them with a means to ‘network’ with the industry that would further aid in their placements. Students are also encouraged to take up live cases, research, and fieldwork in their respective field of specialization under the guidance of the eminent faculty. Since the faculty at KRMU has a strong industry interface, they have good insights into the actual working of the corporate world and can hence engage the students in informative and value-added sessions. Moreover, our faculties being industry experts with adequate, continuous, and ongoing industry exposure, can certainly bring in the benefit of their conversance with the real-life business environment to the classroom.

K.R. Mangalam Institute stands tall as the ultimate destination for success, owing to the renowned faculty, contemporary curriculum, and industry relevant innovation. The valuable industry interface marks the unparalleled success of the institution in enhancing career prospects of every student by building and strengthening the connections with the corporate world and filling the gap between industry and academics. The strong pedagogy combined with valuable industry interface and fieldwork enables the students at KRMU to shine as achievers and the K.R. Mangalam University to establish itself as an eminent institution in the education world.

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