October 23, 2018

Broadcast Journalism today is the modern form of live news and coverage we witness daily through the television and other virtual sources. It employs various technological advancements and uses a variety of modern equipment to provide us with the instantaneous and updated news. It is a unique mix of technology and journalism that have taken the current generation by storm. Broadcast Journalism in the current timesacts as a visual guide and provides us with an overview of the society that we live in and helps us to make various important choices in life and build opinions that reflect our ideas. It is with the help of such professionals who report important incidents live on camera that we can come to a general conscience of what is going on around us and contribute towards the world we live in.

In the past, the news was majorly distributed through the means of newspaper and printed materials. Though such forms and techniques are still in use, technology has taken over and created a whole new spectrum of speedy news distribution in the form of Broadcast Journalism. Therefore, we, at the K.R. Mangalam University, a private university in Delhi NCR, with the help of our experienced teaching professionals in the field, have compiled a list of prospective career opportunities a student can explore in the arena of broadcast journalism. Following are the various fields in broadcast journalism that one can find a suitable career in:

News Anchor:Such a profile lies right at the top of the news distribution chain. Being a news anchor requires excellent skills and an even more significant presence of mind. Here, since the report is aired live, making mistakes is not an option and confidence is a must. Such personalities often advocate the required change in our society with a charged up speech and this is why the profession of a news anchor is often considered as one of the most desirable roles for many in the industry.

News Writer:Any news if reported bluntly without any arrangement can make little impact on the public and may fade out over time. This is where the role of a news writer comes in who arranges the facts in such a manner that the news appeals to the audience. Such professionals basically decide the script for the news anchors, produce materials that are to be published in websites and other places, and decide the theme of the news that is to be broadcasted.

Live Reporters: These are the people who brave the storm in the pursuit of the truth of the matter. Almost the entirenews story that we see on televisionis reported by such individuals who are considered to be incredibly courageous and adventurous. Though most of the time it does not involve the professional being in any danger, still being in such a profession requires great strength of character and is one of the most popular fields for aspiring journalists.

Video Journalist:Such professionals are the men and women behind the camera who brave the situations just like the reporters and perform videography in complex situations where the news anchor display their skills. A video journalist is required to have extensive knowledge of proper journalism and should also demonstrate the skills at managing complex video equipment.

For those wishing to start a career in the domain of journalism, let us tell you that broadcast journalism holds a lot of potential both in terms of reputation and a handsome payout as well. Generally, such professionals start off with a basic pay of 3lacs per annum and may reach up to 12 lacs p.a. and even more as the career advances. Though the salary may vary according to the position, it is still a lucrative proposition for any aspiring journalist and holds a great attraction.

Broadcast journalism holds the most important position in the systematic categorization and analysis of the information that reaches us through virtual technology. Therefore, the journalists who are engaged in such a field are required to possessextensive knowledge of the technology involved in the coverage of news and must be adept in dealing with live broadcast situations. We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, one of the best journalism colleges in Gurgaon, understand the requisites that one needs to fulfil to attain success in journalism and have hence aligned our journalism courses accordingly. We believe that due to the technological complexity that has developed in the field, proper training, domain knowledge, and specific skills hold a lot of significance to be successful, and we at KRMU take complete care to provide our students with just that. We provide our students with the detailed know-how of an array of tools and technologies that help in broadcasting news within seconds acrossthe globe.We are sure that with the world-class education and practical understanding provided to the students at KRMU, every single student of ours will certainly be able to unlock the new horizons of success.

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