February 19, 2024

With the progress of corporatization and globalization, one thing that is for sure is that the demand for MBA graduates has undergone a significant rise. However, the rising demand also means high competition as the companies are looking to hire only the best of the bests. This is where, things like case studies, internships, and international exposure definitely adds to the skill set and resume of a student and makes him or her a chosen option of the recruiters. To that end, we at the K.R. Mangalam University, regularly conduct international trips for our students to let them understand the cultures, practices, and industry standards in other countries as well. One such internationally conducted program was the Summer School on International Project Management which was arranged for our MBA students and the trip was organized to the Cardiff Metropolitan University. The aim of projects like this one is to offer the students an understanding of the international scene of business along with instilling in them confidence and providing them with the necessary hands-on experience and requisite international exposure.

We, as a leading institute of management studies in India, understand the need for providing the global exposure to the students. It makes them future ready not just in terms of fitting well in the national scenario but also in the multinational corporations. We always strive to provide that transnational experience to our students. A good thing is that the revered international institutes like the Cardiff Metropolitan University are also highly interested in the Indian talent, and is one of the main academic partners of KRMU. Both the universities aid each other through faculty and students exchange along with several top-up programs. Guest lecturers are sent from CMU to our university to lend their world of knowledge on the international business affairs to our students.

The Cardiff trip provided a wonderful exposure to our students where the students got to learn a lot by exploring various places that captivated their interest. During the trip, students were taken to the WNO Opera House where they had to attend regular classes. The main focus was to depict the students the management of the Opera House including how the shows are planned and scheduled. Students were given case studies on project management that focused on the right depiction of risk management, governance framework, stakeholder dealings, finance, and control of the project. There was a poster making assignment at the end of the WNO Opera House session and our students grabbed the first prize in that, which again speaks about the success of our methods of teaching.

To continue with the spirit of real-world business acquaintance, our students had the most exciting visit to the Land Rover automobile production plant. The plant is truly fascinating in terms of the scale of production and the efficiency of management. Imagine a complete customized car with the turnaround time for each car being five hours. It is truly inspiring when you get to see all these with your own eyes and our students felt the same. After the tour, the students were given an assignment regarding the things that they learned in the plant and to our delight, each one of them aced the assignment.

Management studies are a lot about building up and working within a team. A manager is at the helm of the team with a lot of supervision and controlling powers imparted to him/her. This is no small responsibility and we ensure that our students are prepared to take up the helm when they enter the job world. The different stages of project management taught at our in-house and international programs like the Cardiff University Program that we have mentioned before, enable the students to get a thorough understanding of the management world at both the national as well as international level.

Our students at KRMU are provided with high-end training and a wholesome learning experience right from the first day of their respective educational programs. So, by the time they reach the end of their university courses, they are ready to win over the world with their knowledge and skill set.

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