Career Scope of BFA in India

Career Scope of BFA in India

March 21, 2023

Scope of BFA In India: Visual Art is a form of creating aesthetical and attractive designs with the objective to manifest cultures, events, stories, imagination and opinions through paintings, theatres, sculptures, architecture, photography, pottery and graphic. Today digital platforms can be considered for your art and artistry to be known if you want to pursue fine arts courses after 12th. Evidently, one can find excellent career prospects in Fine arts in India.

Career Scope Of BFA in India

There are multiple impressive and creative job opportunities after a Bachelor of fine arts. Let’s explore the 7 Best career options in the detailed depth of their job roles.

Career as Fine Artist

They often work as a freelancer or as a self-employed person who creates imaginative and intellectual pieces of art. Fine Artists create and sell their artwork to individuals (clients), art galleries, hotels, libraries, architects etc.

Career as Museum Curator

Museum Curator works in a loop of acquisition, preservation and display of artefacts or paintings in the museum. They are concerned with the maintenance of the aesthetics of collected art and its safety. They are also responsible for the item’s documentation and conducting research programs on the collection.

Career as UX Designer

UX designers work on enhancing human interaction with a product/service which includes surfing websites, navigating through a mobile app, enjoying a game etc. Their major concern is to increase the consumer time spent by upgrading usability and accessibility. They also need strong technical skills in prototyping, wireframing and information architecture.

Want to become a UX Designer: Check out B.Tech CSE UX/UI

Career as a 3D Artist

They are creators of three-dimensional models, animations and visual effects. They work for industries such as advertising, gaming, entertainment, film etc. 3D Artists not only have the creative ability to sketch but also have an excellent hold or knowledge of editing& graphic software and computer systems.

Career as Art Critic

To become an art critic first thing first is to have expertise and knowledge of the art field you are writing reviews or critiques for. They publish their views through magazines, newspapers, catalogues, online websites etc. To expand their reach or to communicate with a larger audience they even use methods such as writing blogs and digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook etc.

Career as Animator

Animators create multiple still frames which are then put together to produce an illusion of continuity. Animators can be found creating 2D, 3D, stop-frame or computer-generated animation. Animations is a global industry in which some work for a studio while someone who has all the essential equipment &tools can work as a freelancer.

Career as Arts Teacher

The art teacher typically works in the school teaching students several artistic things such as painting, drawing, creating clay models and photography skills. However, art teachers also have a scope to start their private classes.

Career as Art Director

It is an incredible job in fine arts courses after 12th. Mostly art directors are self-employed but in some cases can be found working for advertising firms, publishing houses, magazines, gaming companies and design service firms.

BFA Colleges in Delhi NCR

K.R. Mangalam University should be the primary choice of anyone who is searching for BFA Colleges in Delhi NCR region. The university has been making its name in the field of engineering, technology, design, architecture, science, medicine and teaching through its exceptional learning opportunities. The University has implemented multiple engaging concepts to lure students into their academic studies with an adequate interest in gathering new insights and developing new skills.

Under the guidance of their acclaimed academicians, fine arts students are practically working in labs and rooms such as art rooms, design studious, model-making, ios labs etc expanding the boundaries of imagination. For internship & placement opportunities, They have tie-ups with more than 500+ top hiring companies providing students with recruitment opportunities in a prospering and competitive environment for an excellent career start.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some major BFA course details?

The BFA course duration is of 3 to 4 years depending upon the college/university you are interested in. This course includes topics such as Fundamental of Design, Clay Modelling & Pottery, Workshop and Sculpture, Tetra packaging, Material Exploration, Computer Graphics etc.

How much are the BFA course fees at K.R. Mangalam University?

The bachelor of fine arts fee structure at K.R. Mangalam University is INR 55,000 For Semester 1 and 50,000 for Semester 2 in total INRT 1,05,000 for 1 year. This same fee pattern is followed by other academic 3 years.

What is the BFA Admission Process at K.R. Mangalam University?

The BFA Eligibility criteria are you must have passed 10+2 or its equivalent examination from a recognized Board. The reservation and relaxation for other categories shall be as per the rules of the central/state government, whichever is applicable.

if you’re eligible, then fill out the application form at You’ll receive an email on your registered email id and one message on your form for the online assessment. After this, you have to take attend a Faculty-Led interview. At last, if you have passed through this process you can receive the admission letter.

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