How to Become a Game Developer

How to Become a Game Developer

June 21, 2023

Since childhood, video games have played a significant role in a student’s life, but have you ever thought if you could just develop a game according to your wishes and desires? Oh, yes it definitely sounds so good, isn’t it? This blog will give you a deep insight into how is it possible and how you can develop a game, and make a career as a game developer.


What is Game Development?

Game Development is the process of creating video games or interactive experiences for various platforms such as consoles, computers, mobile devices and virtual reality systems. Game Developers are the creative minds behind the design, programming and production of these games. Nowadays, various universities and institutes are giving students an opportunity to learn game development and become successful game developers by offering them long-term and short-term game development courses. They work on your technical skills, programming skills, etc.


Who is a Game Developer?

A game developer is an individual or a person involved in the creation and development of video games. They are responsible for designing, programming, and production of games on various platforms which basically includes consoles, computer and mobile devices and virtual reality systems. Game Developers have various roles and areas of expertise that include game designers, programmers, artists, sound designers, games writers, quality assurance testers etc. The roles vary depending on the size and structure of the game development teams. Now you might be wondering about the qualifications for a Game Developer. Not to worry, All your questions will be answered here.


How to Become a Game Developer?

Here are five steps that can help you to become a successful Game Developer:

  1. Deep Understanding of Video Games– First and foremost to develop video game features you have to thoroughly go through different types of video games and their components. You will be able to understand the working and get to know what may have led a developer to make certain decisions and develop a game.
  2. Learn Storytelling skills– So, to develop a game you should first have to develop a storyline script on the basis of which you will develop a game. Understanding how stories develop and unfold.
  3. Gain Technical Skills– Game Developers needs to be a professional in hardware and software technology and must be thorough with the programming languages like C++, Java, Python and other languages
  4. Acquire Game Development Skills– Gain practical skills by learning game development tools, techniques, engines and software. Various popular game engines do offer you extensive documentation, tutorials and online classes to help you get started with it.
  5. Earn a Bachelor’s degree in Game Design– Various universities offer you undergraduate and postgraduates programme in game design and animation which is a three-year full-fledged programme in which you are taught from scratch and interactive sessions are conducted with experts in game designing that work on your skills and programming languages and help you to carefully develop games.

B.Des. (Game Design & Animation) at K.R. Mangalam University

Now by understanding the needs of the hour, K.R. Mangalam University has come up with a B.Des. (Game Design & Animation)with the academic support of the ImaginXp programme to offer students a brief insight into the game development and animation field. ImaginXP is India’s leading Higher EdTech Organization in Future Skills, offering Degrees & For-Credit Certification Programs for university aspirants, & Standalone Certification Programs for working professionals, both Online & Offline mode.

So if we talk about the qualifications for a game developer then a candidate must have passed 10+2 or its equivalent examination from a recognized Board with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate.

Once you have successfully completed your bachelor’s degree you will also get the opportunity to get internships and placements at various renowned companies and earn a good salary package. K.R. Mangalam University offers you to get placed at companies like Splashrun, Zynga, TCS, 99Games and many more.

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Becoming a game developer requires dedication, perseverance, and a passion for creating interactive experiences. By following this step-by-step guide, you can lay a strong foundation and embark on your journey towards becoming a successful game developer.

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