Top Career Options After Professional Diploma in Interior Design

Top Career Options After Professional Diploma in Interior Design

May 14, 2022

Are you creative and want to turn customer vision into design form by putting your ideas to meet customer satisfaction by reaching above their expectations. The preferences of the customers change every year Read the article below that takes about what is Professional Diploma in Interior design is, career options in interior design and how much you can earn.

What is a professional diploma in interior designing?

This is a one-year programme designed for expert students to become professional interior designers with the required skill set required in the industry. In this programme, interior designing students study laws of physics, equations of maths, psychology of customer changing preferences, history of design and architecture, and computer applications with skills of software used by interior designers.

Skills you develop during the course:

  • Artistic skills
  • Knowledge of design trends
  • Creativity skills
  • Keep an eye on trends
  • Detail-oriented
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Visualisation
  • Knowledge of designing Software

What can you do after a diploma in interior design?

There are many career options that come under interior design rather than just designing the interiors of the house or a corporate company. Mentioned below are career fields you can pursue after completing a professional diploma in interior design:

  • Interior Designer: The role of an interior designer is to make rough sketches of designs according to the customer’s needs for their homes, residents, building, multinational building, apartments etc. They attend business meetings with customers to know what they want and making negotiate according to them. Setting plans and timings for a project is also their responsibility. Interior designers have to work closely with designers, decorators, architects and constructors assisting them with better productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Exhibition Designer: An Exhibition designer works in large commercial public exhibitions, showcase events, workshops, and trade shows. Thye also works in the trading sector, industry sector, education sector, museums, libraries and art galleries. Their goal is to design products that will lure customers by meeting their needs. They work with a designer for a better presentation of ideas and designs.
  • Kitchen Designer: The role of a kitchen designer is to make blueprints of a kitchen according to the usage of items with providing space to move freely, proper ventilation and easy to access for the customers. They must also keep the ideas of customers and communicate with them for a better outcome.
  • Lighting designer: The role of a light designer is to plan and design on where to set up the positions of lights in a house, building, concert, sports grounds, event, mall etc. which will eventually reflect the area which needs to be seen. For example, if you ever have been to a concert or watched it on tv you must have noticed how the lights focus on the artist and makes our eyes glow.

How much does an interior designer earn in India?

As a fresher interior designer, you can earn around between 3.5 to 4 lacs annually in India. Still, as a senior interior designer with experience, you can earn around just 30 lacs per annum which is the average salary package of a senior interior designer. Although this is a growing field which is a significant part of the modern world. The more experience you will acquire in this field with excellent work efficiency will reflect your income.

Job Role Average Salary in India
Kitchen Designer INR 3,30,000
Exhibition Designer INR 3,20,000
Lighting designer INR 4,20,000

Interior designing is an excellent field to pursue if you’re innovative, imaginative and original. This interior design course studies aspects of maths and physics, the history of architecture and designs, and computer applications. This is a booming industry which goes hand in hand with the modern world because of changing technology, customer preference and the rise of modern architecture which offers you handsome salary packages and a good living.

Professional Diploma in Interior Design Frequently Answered Questions

Q1. How much do interior designers get paid?

Ans. The average salary of an interior designer is around 2.5 lacs per month in India which will take a lot of work experience and a name in this business.

Q2. Is interior design a stable career?

Ans. Yes, it is a stable career that needs only ideas and time to give a boost to your career.

Q3. What can I do after my diploma in interior designing?

Ans. After completing a professional diploma in interior design you can pursue to be a kitchen designer, commercial designer, production designer etc.

Q4. Can I become an interior designer with a diploma?

Ans. Yes, you can be an interior designer after completing a diploma because you will learn exactly what an interior designer degree holder studies in a short period of time.

Q5. Does interior design have a future?

Ans. Yes, the world is getting more advanced and fancy in this way they need an interior designer to showcase the areas like house, grounds, events etc. magnificent and eye-soring. Also, the job opportunities in the field are rapidly growing every year.

Q6. Is interior designing easy?

Ans. It’s not an easy field not very hard it only needs vision, creativity and ideas to showcase your imagination through the way of design.

Q8. Do we study maths and physics in Diploma in Interior Design courses?

Ans. Yes, maths and physics are core subjects which will help you to make designs.

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