Why pursue a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

This is the perfect time to pursue a career in Bachelor of Physiotherapy after the 12th. Are you wondering Why? This course has a greater job outlook than most of the other undergraduate courses after the 12th. It is a known fact that BPT graduates are the most demanding in the Health Care sector not only in India but also overseas. In Addition to the new opening of clinics almost every week. This career field gives you great job satisfaction in terms of handsome earnings and customer satisfaction. Because it is devoted to rehabilitating human society for well-being. These reasons are behind what drives the growth and Careers Opportunities after BPT.

Are you interested in finding out more about it? Then read this article that talks about the Advantages of Bachelor of Physiotherapy.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy: Brief Introduction

Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a 4 years undergraduate course with 6 months of internship. It is designed to comprehensively study the elements and importance of physiotherapy on a global level. BPT Syllabus deeply look into the human structures and the functioning of a human body in two different sense one hand when it's healthy on the other hand when it's diseased. It explores complicated chemical processes inside the human body. Also, studying human psychology and how society impacts it in order to perform different therapies for example electrotherapy and exercise therapy is a major part of this undergraduate course.

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Physiotherapy in India: Market Demand

We only knew Physiotherapy as a field of massage and exercise but there are a lot of roles and responsibilities that come under Physiotherapy. For a fact, India has a shortage of physiotherapists. Are you amazed? let me tell you there are various causes like arthritis, dizziness, golfer's elbow, breast cancer, vertigo, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, chronic pain syndrome, concussion and imbalance etc in India. Somehow rising industrialization in India is also a part of this demand. For example, stress from professional life has caused mental disorders in citizens. You must have heard about the lack of doctors in schools for the mentally challenged and physically disabled children, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes etc. These are the main causes of the rising demand for physiotherapists in India. 


Careers Opportunities after BPT

There are two career scope of BPT one can choose from them for several reasons. First, go for higher studies and second choose a professional path to hone skills and gain knowledge. Let’s take a look at the career advantages of Bachelor of Physiotherapy in detail.


Higher Studies

These are all the master's courses for higher studies after the Bachelor of Physiotherapy:

  • M.P.T. (Cardiovascular & Pulmonary specialities)
  • M.P.T. (Community Physiotherapy)
  • M.P.T. (Hand Conditions)
  • M.P.T. (Neuro-Physiotherapy)
  • Master's Degree in Sports Physiotherapy (Hons.) (M.S.P.T.)
  • M.P.T. (Cardiothoracic Physiotherapy)
  • M.P.T. (Biomechanics)
  • M.P.T. (Sports-Physiotherapy)
  • M.P.T. (Musculoskeletal)
  • M.P.T. (Ortho-Physiotherapy)
  • M.P.T. (Pediatrics)
  • M.P.T. (Neurology)
  • M.P.T. (Cardio-Pulmonary Physiotherapy)
  • M.P.T. (Cardiorespiratory)
  • M.P.T. (Community Rehabilitation)


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Job Profile in Professional Career

There is a wide range of job roles in the field of physiotherapy one can choose. Shown below are the various scope of BPT along with their roles:

  1. Physiotherapist: Experts in the movement and function of the human body. They prevent future diseases or deformities from happening to their clients.
  • Professor: You can Pursue to be a professor in a college or university. Making plans on study material to teach it in an interesting way is their major goal.
  • Osteopath: Restoring the normal function and stability of joints in a body and help it to recover itself easily or without much pain.
  • Self-Employed Private Physiotherapist: As a Self-employed Physiotherapy you need to find work for yourself which can be in sports, businesses, websites or on any digital platform using word of mouth. 
  • Sports Physio Rehabilitator: This is a major Scope of BPT. These professionals work with sports organisations for players and teams in cases of any injury and dysfunctionality.
  • Therapy Manager: Promoting and raising awareness in mass about their brand and services. 
  • Obstetrics Physiotherapist: Preventing and easing the physical and emotional stress of clients who are in the pregnancy stage or in labour.
  • Neurology Physiotherapist: Treat clients who are facing the movement and functional disorders in those cases where roots come from problems within thier own body's nervous and neuromuscular systems.
  • Orthopaedic Physiotherapist: Healing or treating patients who are admitted due to trauma caused by an accident or incident and those undergoing the surgical processes.
  • Geriatrics Physiotherapist: Treatment that provides prevention and intervention measures to improve the client's/patients' health and life. 
  • Post Operative Physiotherapist: After a patient go through the operation process that’s where the role of the post-op physiotherapist comes to provide necessary exercises to improve certain parts which can be the hips, knee, backbone etc.
  • Cardiovascular Physiotherapist: Making exercises and healthy routines for heart patients to improve and also providing them support emotionally.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy

How Much You can Bag

On an average level, a graduate of Bachelor of Physiotherapy can earn somewhere between 2 lacs to 8 lacs per annum. In Addition to that how much you can bag offered to you also depends on the career field you choose. Also, keep in mind that remuneration depends on years of experience one has and the organisation an individual is working. 

Frequently Answered Questions 

Q1. Is studying Bachelor of Physiotherapy difficult?

Ans. There is no such thing as an easy or tough course; it all relies on your personal interests. A bachelor's degree in physiotherapy is a professional degree, thus it's unfamiliar territory for an intermediate student. It appears challenging at first, but once you've accustomed to the surroundings and curriculum, it becomes easy for you.

Q2. What is the average salary package of a Bachelor of Physiotherapy fresher?

Ans. A physiotherapist is a hospital earns at least Rs. 3 to 4 lakhs per year.

Q3. Is BPT good for females?

Ans. Due to its work schedule and numerous employment opportunities, BPT is one of the most challenging courses for female students. It's ideal for ladies since they may work as consultants for any orthopaedic surgeon or doctor, or they can open their own clinic where they can work for 3-4 hours and earn a high wage.

Q4. Is a Career in physiotherapy valued?

Ans. A career in physiotherapy is definitely valued because of the increased demand in the healthcare industry which offers students a chance to pursue their career in physiotherapy.

Q5. What physiotherapists exactly do?

Ans. Physiotherapists are those who have been professionally trained to offer physiotherapy treatment. To treat chronic disorders of the bones and soft tissues, this discipline employs a variety of techniques such as electrotherapy, exercise prescription, and shockwave mobility.


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