January 14, 2018

We often spend hours looking at historical buildings and marvel at the beautiful architecture. We look at the various cuts in the shape of the buildings and wonder how thoughtful the designer must have been. Architecture has, for long, been a mutual interest of the majority of the population. No matter what part of the world you go to, you find people staring at different buildings for hours appreciating the simplest and the most complex parts of the entire being. However, while many of us just look at them as simple building structures, most of us fail to imagine the thought process that goes into the design. We look at buildings just as they are and not once do we think about the main ideologies behind designing them the way they are.

When it comes to the modern man, everything is a well thought-out process. Every building has a reason for its shape and design. Every corridor in the building has a reason for its presence. That is exactly why architecture today is one of the most complex, yet fascinating professions in the world. It is not only an interesting field but is also one of the well-paying jobs. Architects are the people who imagine, design, and present the ‘future’ of an empty land. What the common man may see as an empty spot, architects visualize an entire building structure for the area. Similarly, when it comes to the healthcare sector, architects are the people who sow the seed of a successful hospital or a clinic. They carefully plan each area of the complex, depending upon the needs of the sector. When it comes to a hospital, for example, it is essential that the building be in an accurate space, with the different wings in exact locations for the hospital to function smoothly. If there is a big gap left between the emergency wing and other wings of the hospital, it may lead to a disastrous end for the critical ER patients. At the same time, it is important that the building structures be welcoming with a soothing environment for the patients. Hospitals are the places where people go for healing and thus it is essential that the building gives them a warm feeling and not one of entrapment. Thus, the architecture of the hospital should be such that it has enough ventilation options, wide corridors, and easily accessible exits to other wings.

A world without good healthcare facilities is one that struggles the most. Most underdeveloped nations today have one thing in common and that is poor healthcare structure. It is essential for a nation to be on the right path of development to have good hospitals, clinics, polyclinics, and other means of health and wellness. A healthy country is a happy country. While the government plays an important role in setting up healthcare regimes, the most undervalued sector that brings about real change is the architectural sector.

At K.R. Mangalam University, we understand the growing needs of the field of architecture and plan and present our courses accordingly. At the University, we lay emphasis on modern day architecture while keeping it in line with the contemporary style. We believe that each student comes with a unique set of ideas and thus we focus on helping our students excel by honing their skills in coordination with their very own unique ideas. The growth of the various economic sectors, for example the healthcare sector, helps us modify and develop our courses to train the students for a successful career in the field.

Approved by the Council of Architecture, the K.R. Mangalam University offers a five-year B. Arch. Course that aims to sensitize students towards a world that many like to call the Human Habitat. Throughout the course, the students are taught about their professional capabilities and are encouraged to focus on groom and sharpen their skills and be ready for the professional world that is waiting for them. Each step in the course of the five-year study programme is a well-planned step that has its own importance. Our students are not only taught about the skill of architecture but are also taught about its historical, social, and economic importance. Students from the K.R. Mangalam University’s School of Architecture graduate not only as adept architects but as better citizens with a vision for the national growth as well as the global growth.

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