March 1, 2020

Times are changing, and the change is seeping in really fast! The word of today is more technology-based than it was ever before. As a matter of fact, technological advancements have shown some rapid growth in the past few years, and there seems no end to this progression. A direct impact of such a huge level of technological penetration can be seen the most in the professional world. Most employers today give high preference to candidates having practical know-how and technical skillset. And this has given rise to the sheer need for introducing application and research-based learning methodologies in the higher education system of our country.

The Necessity to Bring About a Change in the Education System

For the next generation to leapfrog into the future, it is imperative that there is an educational ecosystem of innovation and research. Developing academic environments where students are fed with creativity and research while providing the much-needed skills for the future is the need of the hour. It is high time our educational system gets a revamp and become proactive to the constant changes happening in the domain.

With the educational sector constantly evolving, the requisite for universities and colleges to become productive cogs that drive the wheel of innovation is becoming essential. It would be beneficial when pedagogies and learning methodologies are enhanced for the creative use of knowledge. It is necessary that institutions improvise all aspects of their academic learning and education impartation methodologies and adopt innovative approaches that benefit the learners with extensive knowledge acquisition and its righteous application.

Research-Based Learning – Key to Preparing the Youth for 21st-Century Professional World

The need for innovative learning is on the rise. With effective learning strategies, students can be provided with better opportunities to aptly prepare for the challenges that they may be posed within the corporate world. Perhaps, education impartation process,in such a scenario, needs to be much more than mere academic study, and students should be able to apply the learned concepts to real-life scenarios. Students must be taught and trained with cognitive research so that the information gleaned from it steers their academic ability in the real-time environment. This is the prime reason why application and research-based learning is becoming increasingly essential. It helps nurture, enhance, and reward the abilities of learners and prepares them well for their professional life ahead.

Application and research-based learning provide students with a strong analytical ability that allows better assimilation of information. It helps them become competent for today’s increasingly globalized and information-driven world. In conventional learning methodologies, students are drenched to enormous learning resources, but little is done to check for the application and research of the learned concepts and information in a real-life scenario. However, through application and research-based learning, students are encouraged to develop their creative problem-solving skills, which is indeed a crucial trait to succeed in today’s world of fierce competition. It guides the learners into exploring the ‘big picture’ of the challenges in front, and critically analyze the ‘Real World’ problems to come out with relevant solutions.

KRMU – Nurturing an Industry-Ready Talent Pool

K.R.Mangalam University, a leading university in Gurugram, Haryana, is one among the pioneering educational institutes in India, benefitting its students with strong application and research-based learning. KRMU isa State Private University established by an act of the legislature of the Haryana Government in the year 2013 that promotes excellence in basic and professional education. It is recognized by the UGC under Section 2f of the UGC Act, 1956.

The University aims at creating a niche of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity among the nation’s youth. It treasures the view that the young learners of today have a pressing need to establish a prospective career that would be both fulfilling and lucrative. The University thus strives to provide its students with a sturdy platform that allows them to explore their innate talents and capabilities, and give them a glimpse of their careers of interest through an educational experience. With a cutting-edge curriculum and state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, KRMU is on the mission to provide its pupils with the finest quality of industry-oriented education that not only polishes them theoretically but also provides them with a deep insight into the actual workings and processes.

State-of-the-Art Features & Facilities at KRMU

Spread over a sprawling area of 26 acres, the K.R. Mangalam University is located under the magnificent view of Aravalli hills. The campus is meticulously designed with special emphasis on nature conservation. The modern and updated infrastructure at KRMU offers all the facilities and resources that are required to provide the learners with a conducive learning environment. The University infrastructure includes the spacious campus building, state-of-the-art classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, latest equipment, and other amenities that aid in enhancing the students’ overall learning experience.

Being one of the private universities in Delhi ncr, the K.R. Mangalam University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degree programs across different disciplines. The programs have been structured to nurture and reward the young minds with the essential skill set and vision that would aid them to make their mark in their professional sphere ahead. The institute imparts quality higher education in diverse fields of study, like Engineering, Law, Basic & Applied Sciences, Management and Commerce, Journalism and Mass Communication, Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Medical & Allied Sciences, Architecture & Planning, Agriculture, Fashion, Humanities, and Education. KRMU also undertakes world-class research and development programs of high impact with the industrial interface for the benefit of its fledglings, as well as the society, on the whole.

Innovative Research-Based Approach Aiding the Skill Development of Students

One of the key things that make K.R.Mangalam University stand apart from other educational institutions in the nation is that education impartation here is not solely focused on providing the students with degrees upon completion of their respective courses. This institute aims at providing them with the necessary insights and hands-on knowledge through a research-based learning approach that would help them make a stable and thriving career ahead. Instead of focusing on academic excellence, KRMU emphasizes on the holistic development of its students and provides them with opportunities that aid their growth in terms of academic learning, skills development, as well as personality development.

The University believes that the changing times have made it essential for the higher education institutes to adopt methodologies that enable integrative and effective learning of the academic content. As such, learning methods that involve research and application of knowledge are gaining an important position in the education system with time, and are being considered to be instrumental in boosting the overall learning experience and skill attainment of students. At Haryana college Admission, all students, irrespective of their discipline or branch of study, are encouraged to undertake research and positively impact the society with their innovations and unique applications. Students are engaged in research and inquiry-based learning that cater to their acquisition of academic knowledge in a conceptually consistent way.

Currently, the university is extensively working on real-life projects with top-notch companies and organizations such as Hughes Systique, Dabur, District Legislative Assembly, PranabMukerjee Foundation, E- Yantra IIT Mumbai Robotics lab, Sun Pharmaceuticals, etc. This association of KRMU with various industry players provides its students with a whole lot of opportunities to learn, apply, research, and learn some more – all this while they are still in their student phase. This means that by the time the students complete their respective courses from the University, they will be well-equipped to contribute to the industry to their fullest potential.

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