October 31, 2020

With the wide-spread emergence of mass media communication and technology, there is an increasingly significant role for journalists in today’s modern era. The proliferation of media is opening new doors of opportunities for graduates in the field of journalism and mass communication. As a result, the demand for media professionals is on the rise, subsequently, increasing the growth prospects and pay-scale of the job roles in the field.
As a multifaceted field, journalism holds a wide variety of career choices, ranging from print media to e-journalism. Anything from being a reporter or editor to taking on management roles in media companies are good and doable options.

Here, in this article today, we, at K.R. Mangalam University, one among the most renowned bjmc college in Delhi have brought forth for you a list of a few of the best paying jobs you can find in the field of journalism and mass communication. This will give you an idea about the diverse career opportunities in the domain and how you can prepare yourself for the same.

  1. News Editor/Media Producer

This dream job of most journalism students demands constant investigating and relaying of current happenings on media outlets. News editors and producers need to oversee the entire publishing process by analyzing, interpreting, and reporting stories to the masses. They generally work on a fast-paced schedule in order to meet the tight deadlines for quicker reporting and publishing of information, as a result of which their remuneration is also on a higher side.

  1. Content Creator/Manager

Content creators and managers are responsible for producing digital and print media content for publishing. Everything from news articles, product pages, and video scripts, to advertisements, and newsletters are part and parcel of their job role. Generally, they work with other media professionals to deliver relevant, engaging, and impactful content for the brands. The job demands intense research and content development plan, and so content managers are paid adequately depending on their hours of work. On average, a content creator can earn 5-7 lakhs per annum.

  1. Marketing Manager

By doing an in-depth analysis of the market metrics, marketing managers in the media business study the existing market conditions to increase potential sales of a brand/media service. They help brands and big corporate media companies to review industry trends/web analytics, understand public perception, and promote products in visual, written, and audio media.

  1. Social Media/Brand/Digital Strategists

With the surge in the influence of social media and digital platforms, companies today are delving into these platforms to create effective communication channels with their customers and clients. Digital strategists develop and implement digital promotional strategies by identifying the emerging digital/social media trends and target audience using SEO techniques and devise marketing plans to increase user engagement and brand awareness.

  1. Communication Specialist

Corporate communications specialist works with brands and organizations to plan, develop, and implement relevant, revenue-generating communications strategies, innovative publicity ideas, and PR activities for raising the company/brand profile. They craft press releases, promotional materials, and organize conferences and events to engage investors and assist in the company’s funding efforts. With a solid 4-5 years of experience, communications specialists can earn up to 5 lakhs per year.

With such a diverse set of options, a career in journalism and mass communication is not going to have any dearth of opportunities for ambitious students. As the modern age demands highly qualified and skilled media professionals, it is important for aspirants to pursue this field with adequate theoretical and practical knowledge/skills. For this, relevant education from a reputed and reliable institute is a must.

We, at K.R.Mangalam University, one among the most renowned private universities in Haryana, at our best colleges for journalism provide under-graduate and post-graduate degrees with a professionally designed curriculum that encourages academic and industry-focused growth of the students. KRMU aims at grooming the students with the skills and abilities required for the industry while also imparting them with specialized fieldwork training under industry experts. The high level of expertise and practical industry exposure gained by KRMU students makes them eligible for landing on prospective job roles that earn them not only good career growth but also lucrative remuneration.

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