June 10, 2020

Businesses today are mostly about people and people management. We live in an era of constant change and innovation, and HR is no exception to it. The entire processes and practices related to HR or Human Resources are vastly diverse, and require modernization with the upcoming trends to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving global economy. It is important that organizations keep up with the prevalent HR innovations and trends to manage their day-to-day work in the HR domain.

Now that we have entered the New Year, 2020, we have brought forth for you some of the top HR trends that would probably become the most sought-after ones in this year.

Stay Updated with Technology

With the modern technology evolving by leaps and bounds, it is mandatory for companies to be aware of the changes and trends, and be technologically efficient. Every HR professional today requires constant up gradation to stay informed of the prevalent and upcoming advancements in technology. Nowadays, business processes are on the full swing of digital expansion. IT is hence important that HR leaders embrace digitalization and bring digital innovation and technology into all areas of HR management. The adoption of new digital processes will have an impact in the coming years and help companies survive and lead the markets in a global context of digital evolution.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence has already taken over as an asset for workplace management. AI-powered recruitment solutions will soon be the trend, enabling organizations to access, identify, shortlist, and select candidates by easily filtering from a large pool of applicants. This will make the hiring process smooth as well as swift for the HR professionals. HR leaders would thus preferably adopt AI-driven solutions to minimize the burden of mundane, repetitive tasks like screening and talent pooling, thereby saving time and resources for the HR team. This will also encourage an unbiased selection process, which is in itself an added advantage.

On-the-Job Training

Imparting regular on-the-job training sessions to the company’s workforce will become a standard. With the constantly evolving business landscape, it is required for the companies to continuously mentor, train, and develop their employees to perform efficiently in their jobs. Continuous learning enhances skills development and improves employee performance considerably, preparing them to adapt better to the workplace and take up new job roles in the company. The coming year will see more and more organizations investing in advanced avenues of training such as Gamification, Virtual Reality, Geofencing, Augmented Reality, and other techniques to conduct on the job training for their workforce.

HR Chatbots

Chatbots are the buzzword of the decade. It has already been used in IT support, customer service, and in resume parsing since last few years. In 2020 and the coming years, organizations will likely generate a greater reliance on Chatbots, which will be used in every aspect of HR tasks, especially as a way to aid HR with the onboarding process and simplify their challenges in handling monotonous tasks. HR Chatbots are also timesaving assistants, and when used in conversational interface platforms, can save a lot of time and effort for HRD in the recruitment process.

People and Performance Analytics

Data-driven analytics by organizations can provide HR with a better insight into the performance trends of the company processes and its employees. There is more advantage for HR firms in leveraging people and performance data to drive business decisions and formulate effective strategies for employee retention.

Making agile adaptations and efficient strategies will add enormous weight to the HR department. This means, successful absorption of upcoming innovations and moving ahead with new trends in the domain would be the key to continued business growth in the coming years.

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