March 4, 2019

K.R. Mangalam University has always led as an inspirational platform for students which has given the concept of education impartation a new definition altogether. KRMU, as one of the most reputed pioneers in the world of education, has taken the initiative to create a Smart Ashram in the campus which aims to inspire theyoung geniuses of the university to explore several facets of knowledge and proficiency with the aid of advanced forums of learning techniques. Thanks to the KRMU School of Architecture, the faculty and student teams from the School of Design to the Schools of Electronics, Civil Engineering, and Pharmacy, who have contributed wholeheartedly to the development of the Smart Ashram.

As the name already suggests, the in-campus Smart Ashram shall serve as an exploration and research center for entrepreneurs, innovators, and scholars who will get to experience the joy of learning in a cross-disciplinary environment. The Smart Ashram will uphold the latest styles and technologies of learning and provide students with real-world acumen and insights that will help them transform their amateur skills into professional talents in the industry.

The Smart Ashram is being constantly developed, and several enthusiastic young minds are participating in its progress. We are glad that we are proceeding in such a swift pace with no dearth of passion and eagerness from our students and faculty team. We heartily hope that students who are joining the talent pool of KRMU in the current academic year will enthusiastically participate in the establishment of the Smart Ashram and will equally benefit from the same. The TIIIE that is The Institute for Inventions, Innovations, and Entrepreneurship has been the primary channel created by KRMU in the establishment of the Digital Ashram. We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, are looking forward to adopting more such approaches that are boundless, never-ending, and evergreen while moving ahead,and are hoping to continue the venture with all of your valuable cooperation and support.

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