September 17, 2018

The passion that you feel holding that beautiful piece of garment that adores your closet, the satisfaction you get knowing that you own the best form of artwork that you shall forever cherish, love, and beautifully maintain to the condition that you saw it on the first day itself defines the work and efforts of a fashion designer. Every dress that begins a journey from the tip of a pen to the closet of our dreams is the culmination of the love, passion, and the hard work that such a designer puts into it. Therefore, it is of no coincidence as to why many youths seek to nurture their artistic side and aim tao fill the shoes of the next celebrated designer in the fashion world.

Fashion designing is one of those few professions where creativity is the most important aspect rather than the technical knowledge. We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, realize the importance of such a trade in our culture. Fashion designing includes not only studying the types of fabric designs, materials, and weaving and designing clothes that are both innovative and unique but also involves precise geometric measurements and complex calculations. To help such budding artists in their endeavors, we have compiled a few career-orientedsuggestions that may help such fresh graduates in the design industry:

Focus on gaining experience:Though a very lucrative industry, fashion designing is also very competitive due to numerous designers pooling in from all around the country. Therefore, finding work experience is essential for any novice fashion design graduate. A lot of options are available in the form of internships, workshops, and training programs conducted by well-known brands. Acquiring the proper set of experience along with the certificates can prove to be very helpful for the students. The initiative is vital for young professionals aspiring to be the best designer in the country. Even if a job description in the garment industry has no relation tothe designing element, you can still explore opportunities by taking initiatives and proving to your superiors that you are capable of designing as well. Aesthetically improving the store’s get-up, organizing and picking the best styles for display are some of the small steps that can give you the edge over others.

Hold persistence and patience:Competition is rising and no industry has remained untouched. The key to grow is to remain persistent and patient. Do not hesitate to start small as there will be a lot of scope to grow. Once you have had the initial boost in the industry, climbing up the ladder of success will not be difficult. Moreover, persistence and dedication are the most important things that interviewers generally look for in the candidates besides the artistic side. Therefore, be surefooted and confident when facing the interview panel for your dream job.

Remain open to any location:Getting a good job in the fashion design industry and securing theright spot for yourself is not impossible but can be a little difficult due to the competition that is omnipresent throughout the year. Therefore, passing up an opportunity just because the location is not perfect can prove to be a colossal blunder on your part. This way you might lose out on valuable experience if you keep limiting your choices with a preference for specific locations. It is always advisable for fresh graduates to look for opportunities beyond the borders of their state as it opens up more venues for grabbing much-needed experience.

You can consider having a fashion brand startup: Contrary to the popular belief, fashion sells all year around. Though seasons may decide the types of clothes people buy, the sales never really depreciate in numbers if you know how to deal with the customers and arrange your style according to populate tastes. A few years of experience in the industry can be beneficial before opting for a startup as it not only provides a fair amount of capital investment but also helps you utilize your expertise and name garnered from reputed industries.

Fashion designingis undoubtedly one of the most glamorous professions of all time. It is on the very desk of the fashion designer where a new trend in the form of a beautiful design takes shape. Fashion designing is the use of not just fabrics and styles but also colors and imagination to create a beautifully crafted dress that reflects the ingenuity and innovation of the designer. Our institute,being one of the Top Fashion Design Institute in Delhi NCR, not only aids such young artists in building a future for themselves via superior education and training but also teaches them the intricacies of such an industry. Fashion designing is the birthplace of ideas and inspirational designs which get assimilated into the human society ingrained into our culture and choice of style.  Therefore, we, at the K.R. Mangalam University, strive to provide such young artists with the excellence they rightfully deserve and help them to leave a prominent mark in the industry of designers.

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