October 24, 2019

With the increasing consumerism, trash has become a monster threatening not only the humans but the entire ecosystem. Since a lot is at stake because of the enormous trash generated globally, it is important to mitigate the waste produce, keeping in mind the people’s health, global cleanliness, and the conservation of resources. This is why waste regulation and recycling programs are becoming an integral part of environment conservation. Various trash management methods are implemented around the world, focusing on waste collection and disposal and treatment of litter, trying to balance the impact of it on the environment.

What is Trash Management?

Trash management encompasses all the activities, processes, and actions required to manage the disposed trash in the environment to minimize its generation and prevent further aggregation of waste materials. Effective trash management requires logical and meticulous planning of actions and methods of trash disposal and management. This includes collection, disposal, recycling, treatment, and displacement of waste, along with the monitoring and regulation of the entire trash management process.

In today’s world, the growing pollution of soil, air, and water is posing a risk to sustainable environmental development, not to mention the huge pits of litter. Waste materials, in any form, is closely associated with all these environmental problems and indeed, waste disposals can exacerbate them if left neglected. This is why the importance of trash management is gaining momentum to minimize the hazards of rising pollution and to protect the environment.

Need For Sustainable Trash Management

The traditional methods of waste management and recycling are no longer appropriate to this age, as the scale of waste produced and its level of complexity is too hard to manage. Moreover, the trash produced in the modern years can damage the soil, groundwater, and the surrounding habitat, as they do not biodegrade quickly. This is why we need a sustainable trash management solution that protects the environment as well as the health of the population.

As done in the past decades, wastes should no longer be deposited in landfills and residential areas or allowed to end up in waterways and uncontrolled rubbish tips. This accumulation of trash causes immense damage to the environment in myriad ways, and it is important to prevent it. Most of the impact of trash and pollution today are largely the consequences of non-existent or inadequate trash management.

In western countries, trash is increasingly recycled to produce processed materials and energy. It is high time we take into account the possibilities of sustainable trash management systems with respect to our environment and improve them with innovative ideas.

Sustainable Solutions

Waste-to-energy technologies are an emerging method to recover energy from trash, based on the potential of the landscapes and climate. This waste-to-energy technology can be a sustainable solution that can help improve the situation. Besides, projects to clean the oceans or avoidance of marine litter is on a high. Even though sustainable models demonstrating the economic, environmental, and social impact of reducing marine litter have been proposed, there still needs appropriate policy approaches to identify the practical implementation options.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, have always believed in the fact that if we really want to see the change happening, we cannot simply stand as viewers. Rather, we have to take a step forward ourselves. This is why we, at KRMU, have taken the initiative to make our students aware of the mounting problem of pollution and how sustainable trash management ca provide the much-needed solution. With this aim in mind, we recently organized cDudeFest 2019 at our institute. The cDudeFest witnessed discussions on topics like as quantum thinking, sustainable trash management, imagined realities in the digital world, and innovation in science and technology.

At K.R. Mangalam University, recognized as the Best Ranked University in Haryana, our aim is to transform the lives of the younger generation through knowledge, collaboration, and partnership. Our pedagogy focuses on delivering our pupils with significant know-how on substantial innovations happening across the globe. We nurture and reward creative skills and talents in our students through various workshops, conferences, research, and international exchange & collaboration programs. We offer a distinct knowledge acquisition environment that focuses on creating a niche of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity among our students, thereby preparing them to become impactful leaders of the future world.

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