March 27, 2019

The significance of corporate connections in today’s academic world is immense. Educational institutions are taking up unique approaches to establishing strong partnerships with corporate bodies and the primary motive behind it is the well-being of students. The K.R Mangalam University is one of the blazing examples of such progressive educational institutions in the country that has utilized its strong corporate connect to bring out the best of opportunities to its students. Founded in the year 2013, the K.R Mangalam University has been known for offering some of the finest talents to the industry, and it is only advancing its approaches of education impartation with the rolling of time. The University has consistently maintained its focus on constant improvement of its infrastructure, teaching facilities, faculty training, and more. However, the aim has always remained on finding ways to add new dimensions to the knowledge impartation approaches.

An overview of the Campus Recruitment Process at KRMU

Mere impartation of academic training is no longer adequate for the students to thrive in today’s saturated industry. This is why the K.R. Mangalam University, regarded as one among the Top Private Universities in Gurgaon, has been working on building an extensive campus to build strong corporate connections to benefit the students. The University does not merely focus on developing new connections with corporate bodies but also dedicatedly work on sustaining the beneficial relationship it shares with every respected organization for the well-being of its students.

Each of the students at KRMU are provided with extended industry exposure and the opportunity to choose from a wide range of organizations and settle with a career option that best suits them. The campus has been attracting top recruiters from various industrial sectors which has helped the students analyze and attain an overview of multiple career fields and get to uncover how things work there. The University values the unique passions and interests of its student pool, and thus lay efforts in inviting new recruiters from niche categories to the campus each year.

KRMU aims to serve its students beyond placement facilities

Arranging placements for students is not the only goal that the K.R. Mangalam University focuses at. The institute closely networks with corporate bodies and real-world leaders on a frequent note via multiple non-recruitment avenues of association. KRMU dedicatedly organize guest lectures, live projects, case studies, internships, competitions, and corporate talk series for its students to help them polish their existing knowledge and skills in the best possible ways and attain the ability to efficiently execute them in the future. These approaches help the students be wholly prepared for the placements they are going to achieve and walk away with skills that would serve them gold in their long-term career.

KRMU’s goal is not just to support students by endowing them with world-class education, but to empower them by bringing all possibilities and opportunities to their fingertips. To that end, the University has been working for a long time now to strengthen its industry-academia interface, and today, the K.R. Mangalam University is proud to stand on a position where KRMU graduates possess complete opportunity to prove their mettle to the real-world industry.

The management at KRMU strongly believesthat empowering the youth is equal to empowering the nation as they are the nation builders of tomorrow. The University hence leaves no stone unturned when it comes to assisting and supporting the students beyond the boundaries of academic excellence. The alumniof the Institute have always made KRMU proud by not just contributing as skilled professionals to the industry, but proving themselves as responsible leaders, reformists, and trend-setters. This inspires the University, even more, to introduce new and inventive approaches in its education impartation methodologies and add fresh layers to them. KRMU is aiming to make its approaches advanced in a way so that the students can attain a crystal-clear idea of the practical world out there and always be prepared and equipped to overcome the challenges imposed by the complex twenty-first-century business world.

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