April 12, 2020

A career in fashion is well known for its glamour, appeal, and lucrativeness in today’s era. There are immense advances, novelties and extraordinary trends that are propelling into the present industry and upheaving the ‘notion of fashion’ to the next level. If you take a magnified look, the contemporary industry of fashion is a sheer admirer of innovation. It refuses to lag behind or stay put to the topicalities that have been defined by the early eras in the history of the fashion world.

Why the need for stepping out of typicality? Who are the inspirations so far!

Rather than simply following the footprints of the vogue that keeps on evolving and ending, today, it is imperative to be somebody in the overwhelming industry of fashion who truly embraces the new. And this is just not another cliché statement, but it is the true conviction of several imperative personalities in the industry of glamour, entertainment, and fashion. It is more important to be influential than successful today, and some of the names in the designing world that sets perfect examples for it would be Mary Kate, Ashley Olsen, Kira Plastinina, Valentino Spring, Ritu Beri, TarunTahiliani, and Rituparno Ghosh, among others. The works of these personalities were not simply related to fashion but to the needs of wearers, understanding regular fashion mindsets, embracing comforts, sending a message through the touchy designs, and above all setting trends that were unquestionable ‘out-of-the-box!’

The modern-world fashion must satiate the demands of the youth

The Gen Z or the millennials today think out of the box when it comes to fashion. The taste for offbeat, comfortable, and unique is completely in today. The prim and proper Lolita look is out of the way nowadays, and people are happily embracing the odd, the unique, the offbeat more than ever before. It is hence needed for the designers to keep up with the changing trends and keep catching that precious attention of millennials and Gen Z with their unique designs in fashion.

Fashion in the 21st century is all about comfort, affordability, and sustainability

Sustainability is the slogan and top priority for one and all in the current times. The industry is thus focusing on easy to use, easy to wash, and highly reusable garments now. Also, with the increase in the demand for mass production, designers are trying to make standard fashion affordable for the regular wearers. Not only that, today it is all about comfort and style balanced in designs with the implementation of new ideas, high-end fashion technologies, etc. which is enhancing new trends even more into the picture.

Ailed and rewarding areas in the fashion industry           

The moment one comes across the term fashion industry, it leads you to a notion of fashion designing. Well, that might be it, but today, you can extend your career in fashion in many different directions which can help you contribute to the industry in varied ways. Merchandiser, sales expert, garment technologist, retail manager, etc.are some of the incredible arenas where you can try your potential. Young minds perusing a career in fashion perceive these arenas as not only profitable pathways to contributing their bit to the fashion industry but also to upscale themselves in the profession.

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