September 9, 2018

Given the rising educational aspirations,employment opportunities,and openness to pursue alternatecareers, there is a steep increase in the number ofstudents embarking on the design industry every year. In general, the design industry is a diverse field, covering everything from fashion design and interior design to communication design and fine arts. There is an enormous growth in this industry, particularly the fashion designing field, which is witnessing a steep growth in the recent years.

Fashion design as a careeris relatively a new profession and oftenappears to be a creative, glitzy, and tacticalvocation that entails providing innovative trends and solutions to the fast-evolving fashion designworld. Owing to the changing trends and lifestyle, there is a bright future for this career in the coming years, both in India and globally. As a result, a lot of youngsters are wanting to take fashion designing as a viable profession.

Fashion Design Education in India:

The faster-changing world demands innovative approaches in everything and the design industry plays a pivotal role in embracing new trends and cultural/lifestyle changes. When it comes to fashion designing, the field is grooming high with the increasing popularity and evolving trends in the recent past.Thepractice and acceptance of fashion designing as a professional career is consistently growing among aspiring students as they get a good scope to learn, explore, and evolve in the world of creative fashion and innovation.

The rising awareness about the fashion design education and the increasing demand for design professionals in the market are positive indicatorsfor the growth and development of the industry in the coming years. The boom of the design industry in India is expected to increase multifold and this growth is extremely positive for design aspirants in terms of opening up opportunities in this fashion field.

However, it is necessary that the standards of fashion design education in India should be at par with the faster-changing fashion world. Well-focused educational programs with strong emphasis on creativity and design thinking would contribute to nurturing the design knowledge and skills for students.When it comes to fashion design education, offering the right kind of exposure and practical knowledge to the students is a must. Besides, the institutes offering fashion design education should also extend the below to enable the students to make their mark in the industry ahead:

Practical Learning Approach:

The fashion design industry is changing rapidly and so should the skills and knowledge of the future designers. They have to be provided with a lean and efficient learning experience that enables them to thrive and sustain in the fashion world and create futuristictrendy designs,far different from the conventional methods/processes. The best way to do this is to facilitate a practical learning approach in design schools.

Fashiondesign education has to provide students with the needed practical knowledge to learn and experiment in the real world. Live projects and international fashion show opportunities at design schools can help students gain significant exposure to learn and work across different cultures and lifestyles. Thiswould definitely help students build up their practical design thinking, professional skills, and creativity along with communication and brainstorming ideas, which are equally important.

Experienced Faculty:

The Indian fashion design industry is facing a dearth of expert faculty and this has to be taken care of toensure that quality design education is provided to aspiring designers. Creative and talented educators who can add valueto the learningby imparting quality design knowledge is the need of the hour to narrow down the existing learning gap for students. There need well-equipped professionals with ample experience in the fashion field and in-depth understanding of the trends and requirements of the industry.

Learning Environment:

The India fashion design industry, though developing significantly, is striving to stand ahead of its counterparts amidst the global fashion design fraternity. An effective learning environment with the right tools and pedagogy can offer more opportunities for learners to think efficiently and independently.Fashion design schools that emphasize practical over theoretical education and have a good infrastructure of labs, workshops, and educational resources can enable design aspirants better to learn and grow creatively in the design industry.

To that end, the K.R. Mangalam University’s School of Fashion, which is recognized as one of the Top Fashion Design Institute in Delhi NCR,offershigh-quality education in the domain of Fashion Design. Students at KRMU School of Fashion are provided with fundamental skills and knowledge in Fashion Design and related product development, realizing the potential of the fashion industry and its requirement for trained designers. The course curriculum imparts students withdetailed technical and practical knowledge while the faculty with immense industry expertise empowers the students to think creatively, focusing on the ever-changing and emerging demands and challenges of the Fashion Industry. KRMU aims to build a generation of creative professional fashion designers capable of excelling in the evolving fashion industry segments,and all our efforts are genuinely directed to help our pupils gain the skills to hit a purple patch in their career in the global fashion industry.

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