February 6, 2024

The present age witnesses one of the most significant structural shifts in the economic framework of India. From being a country, essentially depended upon agriculture for developing its GDP, the nation has become to rely all the more on the heavy industries and service-based companies. This shift strengthens its financial base and allows it to make a wholesome progress amongst other developing nations of the world. Along with recognized international corporations desiring to open up more and more hubs and branches in the state, certain native firms too have taken the initiative to expand their base within the very boundaries of the country and across the border as well.

This characteristic “industrialization” of India has given birth to another vital aspect, and that is the rise in the job opportunities for skilled and talented professionals in the country. Job opportunities for the young Indians have increased to a sky-high level. With a huge number of international firms choosing the country as their operational zone and more of the national entrepreneurs deciding to give shape to various novel ideas, the Indian corporate sector at present is highly thriving.

However, irrespective of the rising demand of management professionals in the country, there’s a gap in the demand and availability of talented staff in the management arena. In such times, there prevails one professional skill, which not only offers huge job prospects but also allows the professionals to easily make a skip from one corporation to another. This essential skill set we are talking about is business management. This is one branch of higher education that owns the most diverse range of fields like General Management, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Information Technology, and International Business. Gaining expertise at any of these major fields of business management can help infuse in the students the essential skills and confidence that are required to flourish in today’s highly competitive corporate world.

But not to forget, an important aspect that largely impacts the worth of your management education is the institute you pursue it from. K.R. Mangalam University, located in Gurgaon, Haryana, is one of those few, highly acclaimed management institutes in the country that have successfully managed to carve a niche for themselves in the wide-spanning education sector of the nation.

A few branches of management studies offered at the K.R. Mangalam University that are considered to be evergreen in terms of career scope are:

Financial Management: Finance is one of the most popular fields of management education that benefits students by opening for them an extensive range of career prospects in a variety of industries. Post completion of the program, students get to work on profiles that revolve around strategizing the total money movement in a firm, authorizing and verifying the documentation for all audit and balance sheets, and guarding the financial framework of an organization from any kind of forgery issues. A finance manager is also the one responsible for framing the plans of both investment and fund-raising. All in all, finance management is a responsible profile that involves functioning in association with the top management of a company.

Human Resource Management: This is age-old, yet an always high-in-demand field of management. Based on the reality that employees are the backbone of a corporation, the essentiality of an HR manager for an organization can be established. From selecting the most qualified and competent employees to maintaining their welfare and relation with the higher management, the job role of HR executives is highly crucial to the success of an organization. These professionals are also responsible for maximizing the staff output and putting into perfect action any new work model undertaken by the company. No matter which particular industrial sector dominates the job field at a particular time, a professional with this degree never finds it difficult to obtain a fitting employment in that framework.

International Business: For native firms looking forward to crossing the borders and gain fruitful commercial recognition all over the world, service of professionals holding a degree in International Business stand indispensable. Quite an exclusive branch of the management, the program fundamentally prepares students with the strategies for guiding organizations in their international expansion, both from the financial and strategic dimensions.

Marketing: This is a broad and the most highly sought-after field of management, which has a lot of scope in almost every sector of the business world. Be it retail, IT, arts, or any other sector, each and every business wants its products and services to reach the intended audience through the most appropriate channels. This is where marketing education gains significance. A business management program in marketing educates students about the consumer behavior, brand management, product management, and business strategies, besides the other important aspects. Some of the core subjects covered in the program are B2B marketing, CRM, Consumer behavior, and marketing research, among others.

With the honor of being world’s 7th most rapidly growing economy, the Indian business structure is one area which, in the future times, is bound to develop more with heightened national ventures, enhanced international initiatives, and increasing number of intra-nation partnerships. Most spontaneously, this will serve to generate a huge volume of employments at the heart of the nation. And given to the texture of this commercial growth, each of the aforementioned managerial domains will stand indispensable in the times to come. Therein, the importance of high-quality management education from a reputed institute like K.R. Mangalam becomes all the more important for the aspiring younger generation.

With an eminent team of faculty, featuring globally acknowledged names of management experts and research guides, and the really effective foreign exchange programs, K.R. Mangalam has been always striving to impart its students with the highest quality of management education so as to enable its students to triumph over the true techniques of management and lead in the business world. The institute has a distinctive approach to pedagogy that blends fieldwork, case studies, and instrumented feedback to enable its students to gain a clear understanding of the actual work ambiance relative to their chosen areas of specialization. The organization’s placement framework too is strong enough in assuring the students a flawless start for their successful corporate journey. Hence, if you wish to pursue management education so as to benefit from the massive scope offered by the same, K.R. Mangalam shall certainly be the name to reckon with.

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