Tips for How to Introduce yourself in Interview

Tips for How to Introduce yourself in Interview

October 8, 2022

Just like every job expects certain skills and experience same goes for interviews. Every interview is different the only thing that remains same is the “self-introduction in English”. Self-introduction is the moment of first impression and also where most students lack which causes getting nervous and lose confidence. Let’s read how to perfectly how to introduce yourself in interview. So the interviewer feels you are trustworthy and competent enough.

Some important points 

  • Dress Properly (clean ironed clothes and polished shoes)
  • Be Prepared for what have to say
  • Begin by warmly greeting the Interviewer
  • Make sure to include your Educational Qualifications
  • Give information about Professional Experience
  • Tell your Hobbies and Interests
  • Be ready for Follow Up Questions

Key Points for Self Introduction

The first you will be asked by the interviewer is “tell me about yourself”. Don’t get confused by the question in simple words he is asking for a self-introduction. Remember my self in English during school times it is just an upgrade level of that. Below is the step-by-step to self introduction in english.

Who you are?

This is the first step of interview introduction. Who you are means your identity like your name, where you live and your background. First greet the interviewer afterthat tell your name, where you live and about your background.

What is your educational Qualification?

Next comes your educational qualification in what year and where you did your 12th, degree, diploma. Your qualification will give an interviewer an idea of your knowledge and set of skills you hold.

What are professional achievements?

Afterthat tell about your professional experience where you have worked previously, working currently for how many years and for what profile. You can tell about your internship like what tasks and roles you handled there. Tell about all the productive things you did for a business, company or organisation.

What are your qualities?

Qualities mean features or characteristics of a person. For example, during buying a phone, you also look for features same goes in an interview. The interviewer is looking for an individual who has qualities beneficial for productivity and the workplace. The first thing you should know is what the company expects from you. You can tell qualities like communication skills, flexibility, time management skills, learning, positive attitude, collaborative skills and leadership qualities. If you have any experience where you used those qualities share them also for building a trust. Telling your qualities can be taken as what you can give to a company.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Don’t feel ashamed or hesitant to tell about your hobbies and interests because it is a reflection of your personality. It is an important part of the students self introduction if you’re a fresher. Share what you do in your spare time which can be writing, cooking, dancing, reading books, cycling etc.

Key point 

Don’t lie in your interview because you don’t know what will be the next question. Be ready for the questions afterwards the self-introduction. Look for interview sample papers read and write your own answer (keep in mind the answers should not be fake). Before going for an interview do some pratice with someone to build inner confidence.

Best of luck with the interview….. May you grab your dream job.

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