Scopes & Benefits of Computer and Electronics Engineering

Scopes & Benefits of Computer and Electronics Engineering

May 21, 2022

In this current world, we are watching every day the huge impactful development of technology for the future.

These inventions of new technologies have created a new scope and a lot of job opportunities in the field of electrical engineering and computer engineering.

This blog talks About B tech in CEE Course and the Future & Scopes Of B.Tech in CEE.

About B.Tech in CEE Course

B.Tech in CEE is a course designed to study the in-depth knowledge of programming, concepts, functioning, designing, analyzing and coding of technical products and device applications.

This programme teaches how to analyse technical issues and make solutions by using programming.

Future & Scopes Of B.Tech in CEE

The field of Computer and Electrical Engineering has a great, expanding and stable future growth with a good-pay check because nowadays technology is being used everywhere it’s almost like we are dependent on technology.

Career option After B.Tech CEE

  • Software Engineer 

Software engineer applies the principles of designing, testing, and maintaining software for computer systems and computer applications.

They create design software for computer systems and applications to resolve the problems of consumers. The role of software engineering is to test software application codes analytically, then rewrite them to optimise to run fast with proper scaling. They also checks the codes of new software programmes created by engineers.

Software must always propose new useful interesting features for software applications. They use their logic with analytical skills in analysing the software of computer systems and applications for their advanced up-gradation.

  • Test Engineer

The role of the test engineer is to thoroughly check the electronic and computer products in the following manners like speed, durability, technical issues, functioning etc. if any technical issues are found they must have to resolve them.

The real goal of a test engineer is a good customer feedback so for that making sure that the product is perfect in every aspect is necessary. They work closely with the production department.

They spend their time finding the root causes of malfunctioning of electronic and computer products by forming a test team. Assisting the test team in effectively solving the issues is a major responsibility of the test engineer.

  • Software Developer

A software developer works on codes and programs for developing new software. They work with clients on different software projects, developing software according to their needs and desires.

Their role is to analyse and find problems in the working and functionality of software. They work on solving the issues in software for a high quality range of operations.

  • Application Developer

The role of the application developer is to develop software for the business purposes of a company. They work on codes for maintaining and developing applications.

  • Power Engineer

Its is one of the best career opportunities after B.Tech CEE because, as a fact, there is a huge job opportunity in the field of power engineers in most countries.

Power engineers work on designing and developing. They supervise the installation of electrical equipment, components, and systems.

  • System Control Engineer: 

The system Control Engineer works on finding the causes and solutions for controlling the dynamic systems by developing and designing.

They bring stability to dynamic systems for consistent productivity.

Salary after B.Tech in CEE

This table below shows the average annual salary of 5 different scopes in India after graduating in B.Tech in CEE

Job Profile Salary in average
Electrical Engineer INR 3.70 lacs
Network Engineer INR 3.20 lacs
Control System Engineers INR 6.20 lacs
Computer Support Speciality INR 5.7 lacs
Electrical Technician INR 2. 60 lacs

B.Tech – Computer and Electronics Engineering Frequently Answered Questions

Q1. Is B.Tech in electronics and Computer Engineering good?

Ans. Yes, it is a good career option to pursue because almost every company is using technologies and software for this they need a computer and electrical engineers to help them in solving problems.

Q2. What is the scope of electronics and Computer Engineering?

Ans. There are various scopes after graduating in B.Tech in CEE like system control engineer, software developer, Electronic Design Engineer, System Analyst, software engineer, Test Engineer, power engineer etc.

Q3. What are the subjects in electronics and Computer Engineering?

Ans. Database Management Systems, Database Management Systems, Antenna Wave and Propagation, Analog IC Design, Engineering Physics, Basics of Mechanical Engineering, Basics of IoT, Analog Electronics, and Data Structures are some subjects in Computer and electronics engineering.

Q4. What is B.Tech – Computer and Electronics Engineering?

Ans. B.Tech computer and electronics engineering is a programme that covers and studies applied mathematics, basics of mechanical engineering, concepts of physics, database management systems etc.

Q5. What skills do Computer and Electrical engineers need?

Ans.  Computer and Electrical Engineers need knowledge of applications of mathematics, communication skills, analytical skills and IT skills.

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