March 28, 2020

The twenty-first-century era is often termed as a ‘revolutionary period’, and the statement makes a significant sense when you look at the impact that technological advancement has created on every aspect of human life. Today’s populace is habituated with dwelling in a highly media-suffused and technologically sound environment, and the emergence of new trends is never-ending. Tech-advancement is the primary key that is driving rapid changes in human lifestyle today. Be it the industrial standards, business landscape, way of communication, or collaboration, there is hardly anything that has remained untouched of the emerging technological trends. The same is with the world of architecture, which has been deeply affected by technology. In this article today, we, at K.R. Mangalam University, one of the Best Architecture Universities in Gurgaon, will demonstrate to you how the emergence of innovative technological trends has evolved the nitty-gritty of the modern architectural world in the truest sense of the term.

AI-based Designs in Architecture

Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept in the world of engineering and architecture today. However, the way it is aiding in creating blueprints for real estate constructions and buildings, generating plans, advancing the procedure of architectural projects is certainly very innovative and unexpected. A large percentage of architectural firms are significantly dependent on AI-driven systems and designs today to attain more static, precise, and faster outcomes for their projects. AI-aided Building Information Model that is BIM has become a key part of modern architecture and design and is considered to be a more strategic approach to establishing projects that are more adaptable to the surrounding, natural threats, and other conditions.

The Wonders of VR in Architecture

The next groundbreaking technology that is also being considered to play a vital role in shaping the future of architecture is Virtual Reality. Yes, you must have come across the term and the entire interesting buzz about it, but VR has actually been a substantial contributor in the architectural industry. VR technology has the power to provide the clients with a crystal clear view of the idealized construction project outside the screen in realistic dimensions.VR that once began its journey in the gaming world is induced in global architectural practices today and its efficiency is only at a rise.

The Touchable Holograms

Till now, holograms were just exciting parts of renowned Hollywood movies that came into life and interacted with the real world. Now, it is being considered as a powerful technology to shape the future of architecture and design. Architectural organizations are already experimenting with the advanced plan and project visualizing techniques and digital holograms are playing a key part in it. Innovative printing technologies and file conversion mechanisms are being used to convert BIM and 3D plans, and render into holograms to breakdown complex designs into simple concepts for a better understanding of designers.

Autonomous Robotics – Emerging Trend in Future Architecture

Last but definitely not the least, autonomous robotics is being looked upon as one of the most astonishing creations of technology to aid the architectural industry. The NCCR Digital Fabrication team from Switzerland is already building a fabricator robot that is pre-programmed by design-model-data. Robotics experts are considering these robots as industrial robots that would be able to perform specific tasks related to on-site steel-reinforced frameworks. This would aid in cost-cutting, reducing manual labor, and improving site safety.

It has been witnessed time and again that the world-renowned architects have always had one aspect in common, and that is how to utilize the power of technology. The bewildering architectural projects such as the LightBox Restroom, Pearl Academy of Fashion, etc. are all incomparable examples of innovation in technology in architecture. No wonder, technology today is perceived as an unbreakable limb of the architectural world. And it is because of this reason that we, at K.R. Mangalam University, give special emphasis on grooming our architecture students on the latest technologies emerging in the field.

The architecture programs at KRMU’s School of Architecture & Planning have been designed to produce market-ready, tech-savvy, creative architectural professionals who shall hold the capacity to set new paradigms in the architectural arena. At KRMU, one among the leading architecture colleges in Delhi NCR, we dedicatedly work to train our students to learn and innovate rather than just following the footprints.

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