October 3, 2019

Education is surely indispensable. But then there are certain streams of higher education which are indeed integral to our existence. Architecture surely is one of those. Long before the schools and structured education came to the fore, architecture ruled the path of civilizations. There are still evidences of inception and growth of architectural processes. The temples, relics, palaces, memoirs, tombs, and many other buildings still carry the antique charm of the methods and techniques that once shaped the structural marvels out of rough stones.

In today’s’ world as well, architecture plays a critical role. Almost every growing country has buildings, bridges, and more to proclaim its excellence in this field. We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, understand the significance of the architecture and thus treat this domain of education with much gravity. At KRMU, we have a dedicated, well-equipped School of Architecture that caters architectural education to the aspirants and introduces them to the fresh developments occurring in this arena across the world. We aim to impart our students with a strong sense of modern architecture so that they can proudly join the global pool of the most skilled architects.

Here are some of the aspects that make KRMU stand as one of the best institutes for attaining architectural education in the country.


No matter which domain of education remains at the focus, the quality of faculty members play a critical role in lending the domain its due weight. As for architecture, perceptions and ideas are important for the overall development of the acumen, and a veteran pool of faculty is always helpful in sharpening the abilities of the students to visualize in more effective ways. At KRMU, we have roped in some of the best and highly experienced faculty to lead and guide the students in an optimum manner.


When it comes to learning, infrastructure plays a critical role. At KRMU, we believe that education remains incomplete without providing the learners with enough exposure to the world beyond, and it is the updated infrastructural facilities that bring the world to the learners. We, at KRMU, have modern and well-equipped infrastructure to keep the students updated with the latest innovations happening worldwide. Our library maintains a substantial stock of books relevant to architectural studies along with CDs that can help the students to visualize techniques and methods associated with the world’s best structures.

Experiential Learning

No matter how extensive your textbook knowledge is, hands-on experience is something that can never be contested with lessons learned from books. Therefore, KRMU organizes regular visits to the industries where students get to witness the real atmosphere of professional working and methods. This enriches the students with practical knowledge of the study, which is essential for a subject like architecture that requires the learners to be more aware of the natural phenomenon. Observing the intricate and detailed works done on the ground, the students become more seasoned with their skills and expertise.

 Technology Integration

Technology has made an unavoidable entry in almost every sphere of learning. Architecture being one with much intricacies and calculations associated has benefitted from the technological tools and techniques, immensely. At KRMU, we believe in progressive learning and integrated technological advancements that can be used to make the learning procedures updated and enriching. The union of aesthetics and technology makes for impeccable architectural skills that every student at KRMU possesses.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, recognized among the Best Colleges for Architecture Program in Gurgaon, aim to make our students expert in multi-disciplinary skills by teaching them the right conceptions regarding architecture from a sustainable point of view. Architecture graduates of KRMU master the art of making environment-friendly sustainable designs, deploying and merging aesthetical features with construction techniques and space transformations.

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