Are you planning to Pursue Integrated Course in B.Tech (CSE) with MBA?

Are you planning to Pursue Integrated Course in B.Tech (CSE) with MBA?

May 27, 2022

Nowadays, technology has been taking over the manpower which directly results in Tech companies to generating new inventive technology but the point is they also need to market their products on the global stage, so for that, they need individuals who have both the technical and managerial skills to challenge the competitors.

Well, it’s a good choice if you’re pursuing an Integrated B.Tech (CSE) + MBA With the Academic Support of IBM and Samatrix wanna know why? B.Tech in CSE offers you many beneficial skills, scopes and handsome salary packages the scroll down for more information topics about What is Integrated Btech (CSE) + MBA, its benefits for you and its scopes.


What is Integrated Btech (CSE) + MBA

It is a 5-years programme designed for giving the students a sound understanding and knowledge of technical science with business management.

This programme is a combination of business studies and technical knowledge that helps you make solutions and strategies for engineering technology from a business point of view.


Benefits of Doing Integrated Course B Tech (CSE) With MBA

This course can help you in your career because a lot of tech companies are looking for employees who can work on technical engineering with a focus on the business aspects.

These are some Benefits of Pursuing Integrated Course B Tech (CSE) With MBA:

  • If you want to pursue MBA after doing Btech (CSE) it will waste 1 year because Btech in CSE is a 4-year degree and MBA is a 2-year degree which equals 6 but Integrated B Tech (CSE) with MBA will be over in 5 years saving your time and money as fact you don’t need to appear in exams for an MBA course.


  • During this course, you will learn how to make business strategies and solutions for technology which can be a beneficial point in your career growth in terms of productivity. This course gives you knowledge of business and technical science.


  • The course will make you industry-ready with entrepreneur skills, communication skills, programming skills, coding skills, technical-hand skills, communication skills, analytical skills etc.


  • You can be a degree holder with skills and knowledge of both BTech in CSE and MBA which will increase the chance of you getting a job.


Scope After Pursuing Integrated MBA degree with B.Tech (CSE)

  • IT Consultant 


This is a great field to show you’ re able to make clever business tactics and engineering skills after completing an Integrated MBA degree with B tech (CSE).

The role of the IT consultant is to study the customers demanding preferences for making business solutions and devise changes to technologies in relation to customer satisfaction.

They help the engineering in the implementation of new technological projects by sharing ideas, strategies and solutions. They also work on operational work like managing the databases.

  • Business Analysts


The responsibility of a business analyst is to understand the goal of an organisation for a project and then identify the needs and scope for achieving the goals.

They assist teams working on projects for documentation, ideas and productivity.

Business analysts help in managing the required employees for project teams for productivity.

  • IT Manager


To become an IT Manager you have at least 5 years of experience as a Business analyst which needs knowledge of business and technology.

The role of an IT manager is to find ways to upgrade the systems and products of an organisation for excellent security, productivity and work efficiency.

  • Software Developers


Software developers work on clients and customers desires and preferences for developing software. They have programming skills for making codes to implement new features to the technological software.

They spend time analysing the root problems for the improper functionality of software technology. Software developers are also responsible for working on solving the issues to produce a high-quality working software technology

  • Data Analyst 


The role of a data analyst is to clear and analyse the collected data and then interpret it to solve the problems of an organisation for this an excellent critical skill is must need.

They work on presenting the data by collecting, analyzing, clearing and interpreting data.

Data analysts use tools like SQS, python, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI etc.

  • Project Manager


The role of a Project Manager is to oversee the planning, organising and directing of certain projects in an organisation.

They should interact with departments to make sure the project should be done on time and under the budget to meet the organisation’s goals.

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer


AI has impacted a lot of industries from healthcare, IT, and cybersecurity to the education industry.

AI engineers role is to develop and programme AI technology and robotics to function in their roles exactly like humans.

They know about AI language, programming and machine learning to develop project models for an organisation.

  • Technical product manager


They work closely with teams involved in the making of a product. They are a vital person in the success of a product.

The technical product manager coordinates in the technical engineering side of a product.


Stats of b tech (CSE) MBA jobs salary in India

integrated btech cse with mba

There are many scopes with handsome salary packages in India after completing a Btech (CSE) + MBA. The graph below shows the average salary packages in India in different job profiles:



Overall, Integrated Course b tech (CSE) with the MBA is a great program if you’re interested in technology and business studies which is time and cost-saving. This course studies AI intelligence, programming, and coding together with business analysis, and business environment. This course has various career options like business analysts, IT Consultants, project managers, software developers etc. with attractive salary packages. This course field has never-ending job opportunities waiting for candidates like you in the business market.


Integrated B.Tech (CSE) + MBA Frequently Answered Questions

Q1. Is it possible to pursue Integrated B.Tech(CSE) + MBA if I already have a bachelor’s degree in any field?

Ans. If you already have a B.Sc. bachelor’s degree, you can enrol in an integrated B.Tech MBA programme. You are not eligible for this course if you have a BA, BBA, B.Com, or any other non-medical degree that does not include P.C.M. and P.C.B. in 10+2.

Q2. Is Integrated B.Tech (CSE) + MBA good option?

Ans. Yes, pursuing Integrated B.Tech(CSE) + MBA is a good option for the students who wish to have a comprehensive understanding of business management fundamentals and an opportunity to choose a good career path that can help them to get a secured job in the future.

Q3.What are the skills that students will inculcate during their learning period?

Ans. Students will be able to improve their communication, data analysis, and leadership skills, as well as learn about professional ethics and code of conduct.

Q4.What is the average salary package for an Integrated B.Tech(CSE) +MBA graduate?

Ans. The average salary package earned by an Integrated B.Tech( CSE) +MBA graduate may range from 12 to 20 LPA which may increase with experience.

Q5. Is Integrated B.Tech +MBA tough or easy?

Ans. There is nothing easy or tough as such. It generally depends on understanding and

your focus on different subjects. Therefore, you must work hard and focus on your studies to become professional in the future.

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