December 5, 2018

‘Digitalization’ is a dramatically rising sensation that the twenty-first-century population is thriving on. With a constant take-over in recent years, it has reached a stage that it has taken the shape of an undeniable benchmark when it comes to gaining success, be it in any field. If you pay slightly profound heed to the world around, ninety-nine percent of the industrial sectors are banking on digital technology. If not wholly, at least a considerable portion of its operational functionalities are accomplished with the help of digital tools and techniques.

There has been a myth that digitalization is the forte of only the giant corporate brands. However, we have long crossed the boundaries of such a notion and digitalization is willingly and openly embraced by even start-ups nowadays. Digitalization stands high as a powerful entity that has redefined the meaning of ‘literacy.’ Thirty to forty years back, the term literacy depicted the ability of a person to read and write. Well, in the present time, to prove you’re the worth and market value, it is obligatory for one to be familiar with digital knowledge, insights, and technology. Digitalization or virtualization has brushed over maximum areas of profession nowadays and to name a few would be pharmaceutical, engineering, banking, academic,and definitely information technology.

Not only individuals about to step into the professional world require being aware of digital skills and techniques but even the employees already existing in these fields need to embrace and accept the change. Digital innovations are all over the news surprising the world every day and making it bound to understand, think, and act in the digital language, in a digital space.  Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, virtual reality, telemedicine, net-banking, virtual private servers, online training course, examinations are some of the blazing examples of sheer digital innovations. Needless to say that digital literacy is a die-hard requirement in today’s time.

How is the digital literacy benefitting the process of learning?

Whether it is about school-grade learning or professional learning, knowing how to use digital tools and technologies effectively can result in wonders. E-learning is a highly in-demand teaching aid nowadays that is utilized by most educational institutes and even organizations for providing world-class training. As stated in several significant surveys, E-learning has really made a massive difference in the lives of learners. Accurate, interactive, fast-paced, much more simplified concepts, and exciting procedures are some of the top advantages that the digital world has provided the users with, eventually leading them far ahead of time. In fact, significant researches state that individuals who are digitally literate attain more preference in employment than those who are not.

Digital literacy – A powerful weapon in the corporate world

How organizations are valuing digital literacy is a million dollar question, as the answers entailed to it are endless. Corporates consider digital tools and technology to be their foremost supremacy,and they embrace it more enthusiastically than anyone else. Visualization software, AI technology, data analyzing techniques, etc. are some of the most high-end tools used by organizations that are leading their accomplishments to an entirely different level altogether. The aspects that were managed and handled manually using traditional methodologies a decade back are all being digitalized now. This is one of the primary reasons why organizations nowadays are preferring talents who can contribute to the modernized space of digitalization. They are seeking individuals who hold the capacity to think, analyze, use tools critically, and solve problems, but all this on both, regular and a digital platform. Organizations look forward to recruiting more informed, responsive, and responsible candidates who are aware of the evolving world around and have sound knowledge of the most advanced digital technologies. Individuals possessing these insights and awareness are more likely to gain higher preference by the employers.

Understanding the value of digital literacy has become a massive concern for all generations now. Baby boomers, millennials, and even the Gen Z, all are racing into the futuristic world. This is the reason why even the academic institutions are prioritizing digital skills and development at an early stage more than ever before. An institution that is worthy of mention in this scenario is the K.R. Mangalam University, which has not left any stones unturned when it comes to preparing and molding its students for the technological era. Ranked as one among the best private universities in Gurgaon, we, at KRMU, highly encourage the use of digital tools, techniques, and procedures to groom our students with the charisma and skills they require to flourish in the age of digitalization. We prepare our students for the highly competitive environment of the corporate world by polishing their knowledge, abilities, and skills through a highly modernized and hands-on approach. We firmly believe in retaining the concept of traditional learning as it undeniably has its own advantages, and thus, we have harmonized between the modern and conventional styles of imparting education in such a way so that the young minds can achieve the best of both worlds and emerge as true leaders in the times to come.

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