March 12, 2018

Do you look forward to having a successful career? Well, everyone does! But to become successful, you need to constantly strive for not only academic development but also self-development. Indeed, investing in self is the first thing to do in today’s competitive world, where opportunities are in abundance for excelling personalities. As a student emerging into a professional, it is important to know how much self-grooming and personality development is necessary for one’s professional success and growth.

Career development should not be taken as a destination or a goal but a continuing process that involves learning new capabilities, developing one’s personality, self-grooming, and increasing one’s knowledge. Sadly, most people neglect the importance of personality development and grooming, and thus, lag behind in the process of career development. When it comes to professional success, despite all the academic records, skills, and training, the role of self-grooming and personality development is inevitable. If you want to achieve success in your career, you have to nurture your attitude as an individual and groom yourself well. Personality development helps to pull out your capabilities and key strengths, providing you a better understanding of your inner self and aiding you to gain confidence to face the world. It grooms an individual to make a mark of his/her own by creating an individuality and setting an example for others around.

Personality development not only sets you apart from others in your behavior and attitude but also helps you encounter difficulties and face the world with a confident smile. This is why personality development has become a part of the education system nowadays. We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, have incorporated personality development as an important aspect of our pedagogy, striving to aim at the holistic development of students. Students at KRMU are prepared for the professional world by inculcating positive qualities and employability skills through various personality development and grooming training sessions. All these impart the students the power to uplift and advance their career through tuning of their characteristics, attitude, behavior, mindset and the perceptions of the world.

A few benefits that students experience upon attending personality development and grooming sessions are:

Strengthened Interaction and Communication Skills:

One of the significant roles of personality development is in determining the communication and behavioral pattern of an individual. When it comes to the workplace, it is impossible to succeed without interacting with fellow workers and peers. In those times, your personality and attitude are what help you strengthen your interactions and enable you to deal with every situation with ease at the workplace. Not only does personality development help make you a better individual when it comes to interpersonal relationships, it also aids in boosting your caliber and worth at the workplace.

Spread Positivity at Work:

Possessing an attractive, well-groomed personality can add significant positivity to your place of work. Most often, workplaces encounter individual conflicts and war of words among co-workers, leading to unproductive or even counterproductive arguments. It is important that professionals need to know how to cope with the mindset of different individuals and their varying opinions and views. This is where the role of personality development comes into existence. It helps steer your mind towards positivity, amidst all the difficulties, and help you to deal with persons and situations in a more favorable way. Also, it helps you control and overcome the mental turbulence and negative thoughts prevailing in the work environment, thus leaving less stress and anxiety at work. Your personality is what aids you to accept challenges in a gleeful manner. Indeed, you can create a better place for work by accepting things and situations bravely and in a mature way.

Increased Confidence Level:

Personality development is something that adds to your confidence. Once you start working on self-grooming and personality development, you will certainly notice big changes in yourself. You will see significant improvements in your confidence levels and self-esteem. Everything from your clothing and hair-dos to attitudes and behavior will leave the right impression on the people around. A little session on personality development can help you develop the right confidence and attitude in the workplace. It will enable you to stand out in the job market and stand out among your competition.

Improved Emotional Intelligence:

To tackle the stressful and difficult situations in the workplace, one need not only have the mental capacity to handle bestowed responsibilities but should also possess emotional intelligence to get the work done. It is quite a common thing in the professional life to get into heated arguments, encounter stressful deadlines, and experience cold relationships with colleagues. In such scenarios, it takes emotional intelligence to control stress, be aware of one’s emotional imbalances during difficult times, and deal with relationships empathetically and judiciously. Indeed, personality and emotional intelligence go hand in hand. This is why the role of personality development is considered vital for a student aspiring for personal and professional success.

As you can see above, personality development plays such a vital role in one’s professional success. It is undeniable that personality development is instrumental in helping students and budding professionals climb the echelon of success. This is why, we, at the K.R. Mangalam University, stresses a lot on the importance of self-grooming and personality development for students and strive in all ways to bring them the benefits. We understand that investing in personal development enables students to manage themselves effectively in the professional sphere. Recognizing the importance of personality development, K.R. Mangalam University has come up with various training programs, workshops, and discussion sessions for students to improve their abilities and aid in their self-grooming so that they can better themselves as an individual and as a professional.

Everything from communication skills to emotional intelligence counts as various aspects of personality development. We focus on grooming our students in totality so that they are carved into perfect professionals with a go-getter attitude, all set to face the highly competitive world and emerge as winners.

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