October 16, 2019

This is the twenty-first century we are dwelling in, and the dramatically evolving nature of careers and professions are constantly opening gateways to new avenues every single day. Fusion engineering, leisure consultant, fiber optic technician, Computational Linquist are the many blazing examples of the career pathways that often make our eyes roll and wonder what these terms even mean. The essence here is that the world has realized that we need to be more accepting about the other rewarding careers that exist out and are different from the mainstream. There exist one hundred and fifty new careers that are equally rewarding as the conventional career fields like engineering, medicines, and management.

Management is one of the significantly rising careers in today’s time; however, it is down the luck that a significant wing of the same industry, ‘hotel management’ goes still underrated by many due to certain false perceptions entailed with it. In this article, we will be busting the top myths regarding a career in the hotel management industry that have been keeping the young minds from pursuing their aspirations in the field. So, if you have already read till here, grab a coffee and dive right in!

# 1 You will solely remain confined to the hotel industry

A hotel management graduate, in reality, is far from being constrained to just the hotel industry. The qualification broadens your scopes to encompass many other avenues where you can contribute uniquely and effectively. The myriad of exciting and diverse career opportunities directly linked with the hotel management degree includes,

  • Event managerworking in exhibitions and fairs, conference, product launch, etc.
  • Accommodation manager in hospitals, conference centers, care homes, etc.
  • Working as a professor in the education sector and more

# 2 Hotel management is all about dealing with restaurant chores

This is another misconception about hotel management that is still prevalent in today’s time. Hotel management responsibilities are often interrelated with food and cooking service skills. However, there is a lot more to the industry dynamics. It is indeed no rocket science, but the successful operations within the industry are quite methodical and demand extensive proficiencies and insights like excellent administration abilities, leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, teamwork skills, and much more.

# 3 Working hours are excessive in the hospitality industry

Till a few years back, the hospitality industry was mainly considered about impressing the guests. The professionals thus had to imply additional efforts that often required them to exceed their average working hours. But things have radically improved since 2015, and work-life balance is a key factor that is emphasized by the authorities in the particular sector significantly in recent times.

# 4 The packages in the field are not lucrative

The industry is loaded with lucrative job opportunities and openings; however, it is applicable to them who hold the potential to groom themselves as per the industry standards. As per surveys, the increasing technological adaptions and boost in guest and consumer percentage, the hotel management industry has been offering lucrative packages even for freshers at present.

# 5 Hotel management is more suitable for men than women

Till today, nearly 50% of the population believes that the field does not offer a healthy environment as well as suitable job preferences for women. Stereotypically it is still believed that women are comparatively laid back when it comes to being decisive in the management industry. However, a substantial percentage of women are joining the hospitality industry nowadays and are excellently contributing to the departments of guest relations, general management, cooking, event management, and more.

If you have always treasured the passion to make your career in the industry of hotel management, you need not squeak a break to it due to the irrelevant myths entailed with it. We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, one among the leading private universities in Delhi NCR, offer you an ideal place to give a kick-start to your hotel management career. The School of Hotel Management and Catering Technology at KRMU provides world-class education to enable the aspirants to meet global hospitality standards and attain massive professional competence. With mentorship from industry-experienced faculties, uniquely designed program curriculum, high-level of practical training, and state-of-the-art facilities, we, at KRMU invite you to join our hotel management program and enrich your prospects in the flourishing field of hotel management.

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