July 30, 2018

The modern idea of determininga career field does not whirl around the mainstream corporate job positions and responsibilities. In today’s era, the millennial look forward to a professional life that will hearten their passions, aspirations,and leverage them with a stable future at the same time. ‘Mass communication and journalism’ is one such rising lineof work that has dramatically taken over the distinctivetastes and preferences of theyoung generation when it comes to settling for a creative as well as a lucrative occupation.

The most advantageous part of Mass communication is that it is not confined tocareer scopes in journalism alone.With the advent of countless media avenues, television sets, radio stations, advertising films, and news channels, interested candidates are bestowed with dynamic opportunities and openings. A full-fledged degree in mass communication unlocks several doors for aspirants to carve out a firm position for themselves even in today’s highly competitive industry. If you take a magnified look, there are endless job opportunities in the particular field demanding new talents every day. However, demonstrated further are some of the most sought-after career steams in Mass communication that are leading the job market at present.


There is one name that has taken over the voices of most mass communication graduates when it comes to making a smart career decision and that is ‘advertising.’ The booming advertising industry is hungry for new talents in the field who possess the fundamental knowledge, skills, and most importantly passion for creative communication. Advertising groups and agencies offer mass comm students with profiles of copywriter, editor, advertising manager, graphic designers, market associates, and more.

It is one of the few fields that requireboth creative and business mindset. Working in an advertising firm will require you to possess certain skillsets that include the ability to work in a team, strong communication skills for client dealing, money management,and problem-solving, among others skills. The versatility is required mainly because you will be the central figure who will be representing the organization to its valuable clients.

Social Media Management

Another hugelyin-demand career field chosen by mass communication graduates is social media management. This is one of the leading career trends that have heightened the interests of creative minds struggling for a suitable career all along. These professionals need to have a good knowledge about customer psyche, needs, and demands, as they basically remain involved in promoting the brand in the best possible ways to audiences via social media channels.

Gone are the days, when social media networking was all about spending leisure time and bringing some entertainment. Now, it is the key means for business promotions and marketing. This is why social media management professionals need to be extremely updated about the changing trends in digital marketing strategies, techniques, content optimization, social media site mechanisms, etc. Social media executives receive a generous salaryand they can attain rapid growth opportunities by utilizing their creativity, inventiveness and management abilities as their sharpest tools.

Journalism in a ‘Whole New Form’

As mentioned earlier, journalism is one of the oldest career streams in the field of mass communication. But the current job scenario differs a lot now compared to the early trend. The first concept that pops into our mind when we hear the term ‘journalist’ is rushing to events and occurrences with a crew to cover the top news stories. Well, the particular job position of reporter definitely exists today but plenty has been added on to the list.

With a degree in mass communication, you can brush your talents in professions such as photojournalist, editor, sub-editor, content and creative writer, news readers, multi-media specialist, digital copywriter, and the list goes on. Moreover, theincrease in digital media outlets is constantly creating new job roles and possibilities in the industry where pursuers can attain both job satisfaction and success. These are excellent fields to cultivate and sharpen your existing skills, abilities, and passions with sheer determination of rising up the ladder of accomplishment.

However, the prerequisite that is imperative in such a scenario to get the wheels rolling in the first place is a degree in mass communication. A mass communication degree is somewhat different from other academic degrees as candidates are trained based on their pragmatic skills rather than mere theoretical knowledge. We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, provide our students with a dynamic learning environment where they can learn, explore, and most importantly recognize the field they are investing their efforts in.

Mass communication, being a unique stream of study,demands advanced learning materials, equipment, and teaching aids that we, at KRMU, dedicatedly leverage our students with. Our highly experienced and cooperative faculty team is always prepared to enlighten the futures of young talents every day.Owing to the state-of-the-art infrastructure, facilities, and eminent faculty group, K.R. Mangalam is not only ranked among the Best Journalism & Mass Communication Colleges in Gurgaon but is also trusted for producing successful mass comm professionals who can play a significant role in enhancing the accomplishments of the top brands in the media industry today.

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