July 10, 2020

One of the most crucial phrases of academic life is cherry-picking a stream that helps you attain your desired success. One such study stream that is selected by a substantial percentage of the student populace in today’s time is humanities. Till a few years back, the stream of science and commerce used to majorly rule the choices and preferences of the students. But now, the notion that aligning with the mainstream study courses equips a student with higher market preference or a more significant career packages is radically being eradicated by the excellent academic and career prospects bestowed by the stream of humanities and social sciences.

Today, humanities stand as a broad academic field under which aspirants explore interesting areas of human interactions and methods that are substantially analytical, critical, and even exploratory. The value of the domain is booming more than ever before in the creative era of the twenty-first century. In this article, let us have a look at some of the most sought-after and top-notch career opportunities that are available for humanities graduates in the present times.


Psychology is a multifaceted discipline that comprises of areas like how our memory is organized, how the brain works, and how people interact in groups. Counselor, Research Analyst, Clinical Psychologist, Child Psychologist, Human Resource Specialist, etc. are some of the top career options that are high in demand for humanities graduates in the arena of psychology. It is a highly lucrative, in-demand, and equally interesting field that a large percentage of humanities graduates are tapping into nowadays.

Travel and Tourism

The tourism industry is indeed one of the largest contributors to the total GDP of the nation. The field is rapidly expanding and is thus in dire need of more skilled, fresh minds from the fields of humanities. Travel agent, hotel manager, conference organizer, sommelier, tour operator, spa manager are some of the top career options in this arena.

Museum Worker/Curator

If art and anthropology have been your forte, the profile of a museum worker would perfectly satiate your interests. Museums are always on the lookout for recruiting young and enthusiastic individuals who can excitingly take up the responsibility. With a strong humanities background and practical experiences in your bag, you may as well work your way up to a curator position and manage the museum’s collections and activities.


Journalism is one of the loudest fields that the next-generation career pursuers are thriving on. A large percentage of the student population from humanities education background has been lately showing high affinity towards pursuing a career in journalism. Blogging, newspaper writing, editing, and broadcasting are some of the most lucrative and creative career options that humanities students get into.


Known to be one of the most esteemed and in-demand fields, the legal industry recruits humanities graduates as Customs and Border Protection Officers, Criminal Law Paralegals, Criminal Investigators and more.

Pursuing humanities opens you up to many interesting and out-of-the-box career arenas such as Political Science History, Journalism/Mass Communication, Law, Psychology, Literature, Economics, and Advertising & Public Relations. If you are a humanities aspirant and are looking to explore the sky-scraping opportunities extended by the modern professional platform to humanities graduates, the K.R. Mangalam University would be the ideal place to begin your venture from. We at KRMU, top 10 university of haryana, undertake an approach that inspires our valuable students to explore various dimensions of knowledge and enable practical offshoots.

The School of Humanities at K.R. Mangalam University, positioned among the top private universities in Haryana, dedicatedly aims to enhance the innate potential of humanities aspirants possessing a flair for the field. The aim is to help the students hone their proficiencies and acumen with zero skill gaps in the best possible ways. The innovative curriculum, thorough guidance from highly experienced mentors, industry exposure, practical projects, and much more help strengthen the domain knowledge of students so that they can successfully tap into the best available career opportunities available in the domain. Begin a new journey towards success with the subject of your passion and stand out from the rest with the world-class graduate program on humanities at KRMU.

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